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Payment - Purchase to Pay

A purchase-to-pay solution allows companies to manage their entire purchasing lifecycle—from purchase order creation through invoice processing and payments. Purchase-to-pay is also called P2P, procure-to-pay, eProcurement, or req-to-cheque. Automated purchases save time and cost for both buyer and seller. They also reduce risks by eliminating human error.


Hello, today we're going to look at payment under our purchase to pay modules withinSAP Business ByDesign. so I'm going to go down to supplier invoicing and let's take a look at payments that can be done, uh, after purchase orders, goods, receipts, and all of those transactions have been taken care of. So wonder my supplier invoicing module. I'm going to go in and I'm going to look at the documents to be processed. Now this solution can be done many different ways and payments can be done either manually or automatically. I'm going to be showing manually today. However, automation is a wonderful way of being able to set up payment runs and batched together, different payments for your cus, a four year old vendors. So I want to look down here at all documents to process and we're going to see what's available and what's ready to be processed here.

I'm going to go in and I'm going to edit this unisource worldwide, which happens to be my office supply company. Now this office supply has sent me an invoice through an email account directly into bydesign, so the invoice automatically gets put into by design and the system then is going to look at open purchase orders against this invoice that came in and try to match these up based on the total amount and based on the company information. So here sap has found a purchase order that matches up with this invoice, so it's going to now create a document to be processed requests and be able to put that in my queue. Now if I go down and I under my supplier names, if I happen to have multiple suppliers that have purchased a documents ready to be processed, I can easily bundled those together under my supplier invoicing and do reoccurring invoicing and reoccurring runs. This can be set up automatically to be able to group together. If your suppliers would like to receive one invoice per month, maybe one invoice per week or one invoice per quarter depending on how you like to do business with them. So that is the payment run within the supplier invoicing in business by design.