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Stay Competitive with Right-Sized Cloud ERP Software

Today’s Distribution Companies are at the center of a global supply chain; providing the critical link that connects the manufacturer’s goods with customers through many different channels, Wholesale Trade, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and Direct to Consumer (DTC).  They are balancing the challenges of a dramatic increase in demand, rapidly changing expectations from global partnerships, and increasing competition from opportunistic start-ups looking to capture market share.ByDesign - BusinessOne - B2B Extension Infographic

The scope of Distribution companies has expanded rapidly in the last few years; adding to the challenges of supply chain, logistics, warehouse, inventory, and the list goes on.  Each link in the distribution supply chain is critical to delivering the goods and services demanded by the end consumer.

Navigator Business Solutions offers a unique solution for Distribution Companies combining a purpose-built suite-in-a-box cloud platform with years of Distribution Industry experience that has resulted in a portfolio of successful projects. 

With continually expanding and complicated supply chains, distribution organizations hold the opportunity, good or bad, to impact sales volumes for manufacturers and retailers.

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Configurable cloud-built ERP solutions, specific for your Distribution company

The question of why your company may need ERP is usually brought up by growing pains your company is experiencing. 

You may be currently experiencing trouble with:

📦 orders getting lost or being sent to wrong locations

📦 continual price changes causing pricing errors that eat into profit

📦 broken communication between departments, warehouses, and distribution centers

📦 workflow issues that cause wrong processes and lead to unhappy customers & loss in profits

An SAP Solution Built for Small and Midsize Distribution Organizations (B2B, B2C, DTC)

Today's dynamic business environment requires distribution industry players to be nimble in order to stay competitive - they must provide the end-customer with the options to purchase goods where, when and how they need them.

To support these more complex demands, companies need to adopt right-sized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to streamline business processes such as logistics, transportation, warehousing, and e-Commerce while providing real time analytics anytime anywhere.

Navigator Business Solutions, using a leading SAP cloud based solution along with its 15 years of expertise built as the leader in the cloud space, has developed industry best practices for distribution companies; all delivered by seasoned experts.  The right Platform, the right solution, the right partner helping guide you and your team through a successful digital transformation.

How are you addressing:

  • Your customer’s Omni-Channel demands?
  • Ensuring you have the inventory where and when you need it to meet your customer’s demands?
  • Remaining competitive by reducing operating expenses?
  • What Plans do you have to grow your revenue?
  • Does your current set of systems automate your business processes so you can scale?
  • What are your challenges across your distribution chain?
  • How easy is it for you to access one version of the truth using trusted data?

Does your company face any of these requirements?

  • Internet Portals – eCommerce, Shopping Carts
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM Software)
  • Quality (Shipping and Returns)
  • Supply Chain Management Software
  • Quoting and Estimating
  • Order Processing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Landed Costs
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Countries

For a complex industry like distribution, it is more when, than if you will run into a disruption in your supply chain.  When evaluating ERP solutions make sure it have analytical capabilities and reporting built in to help mitigate disruptions, and minimize the financial impact.

If your supply chains cross borders, your ERP software must be able to manage multi-country and multi-currency financials. SAP’s Cloud based ERP solutions, delivered by Navigator Business Solutions provides unparalleled capabilities to meet your multi-country, multi-currency requirements.

Navigator Business Solutions is in a position to guide your distribution company through the best fit Cloud ERP solution that will address your specific needs from a single or multi-warehouse distribution network through to a centralized purchasing environment.




Need a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)? Warehouse management solution for distribution companies

Loxodo is warehouse management made for today: simple, capable, and robust. Enable your team with the software that will make a difference on your bottom line.

Loxodo is designed for small to mid-size companies running SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign and are looking for:

  • Efficiency & transparency in your warehouse systems
  • An intuitive & capable user interface
  • Interconnected logistics with 3PL and EDI systems
Industry-specific Cloud ERP Solutions in Action

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Distribution Success Stories

“What really attracted us to the software was that it was in the cloud, and that seemed to be where technology was going,” . . . “We were kind of tired of the headaches of hosting our own server in our office, having to do maintenance, and worrying about downtime. So that convenience of having all that managed by SAP was a big bonus for us.”

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Eric Johnson
Vice President of Operations at COUNTRYWIDE TIRE

Distribution Success Stories

“I think Cloud ERP's have a unique set of advantages versus older. on-premise systems. . . They are well-suited for eCommerce brands, direct brands, and provides all the multi-language, multi-currency functionality we wanted without a lot of the legacy processes more suited to brick-and-mortar”

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Uline Riebe
Head of Finance at ROTHY'S

Distribution Success Story

“Even though we don’t have a lot of customization, we do have a lot of integration. Navigator has a lot of experience integrating with our big customers such as Amazon and Walmart, and they have helped with multiple implementations of SAP Business ByDesign using our preferred EDI [electronic data interchange] partner, SPS Commerce."

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Paul Shorr
Lead IT Advisor at Uni-ball

Alleviate your current pain points with our industry-specific solutions for Distribution companies

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