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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing ERP Software: ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Businesses

Meet Demand with Automated & Flexible Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing companies play a vital role in producing goods that are essential for our daily lives. However, like any business, manufacturing organizations face pressure to improve their operational efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase business profitability. To achieve these goals, manufacturing companies need to have a comprehensive view of their operations, including financials, production management, and supply chain management. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by implementing a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that has manufacturing specialization.

If your manufacturing business takes advantage of Toll and Outsourced Manufacturing in your process, Navigator has developed an SAP ERP industry extension solution specifically for your needs.

Navigator delivers configurable cloud-built ERP solutions, specific to the requirements of your manufacturing business

The question of why your company may need ERP is usually brought up by manufacturing growing pains or industrial market dynamics that your company is experiencing.


Your manufacturing operations may be currently experiencing trouble with:

  •  time-consuming & error-prone manual data entry
  • inventory shortages & missed deadlines
  • lack of a real-time system & process and delivery communication gins

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software for Businesses

The right cloud-based manufacturing ERP system (SAP Business ByDesign or SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition) provides a centralized platform for managing all business operations. This software can help manufacturing organizations streamline their accounting and financial management, production management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, pricing strategy, reporting and analytics, workflow automation, configuration and integration, inventory management, mobile access, automation, and scalability. These software features can help manufacturing organizations make data-driven decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals, reduce costs, and increase efficiency across their business operations.

Improved Financial Management

A cloud-based ERP software can help manufacturing companies improve their financial management by providing a centralized platform for managing financial processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting. These accounting capabilities can help reduce errors, improve management accuracy, and provide real-time visibility into financial performance for your business process. The manufacturing ERP software can also help identify areas of financial waste, helping companies learn where there is ware and become more efficient with their processes.

Enhanced Production Management

A cloud-based ERP system can help manufacturing companies manage production more efficiently by providing tools for production planning, inventory management, shop floor management, and production costing. These ERP capabilities can help ensure products are produced on time, within budget, and with the required quality. By providing real-time production updates, the ERP software and systems report can help reduce the risk of manufacturing issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing companies need to manage their supply chain more effectively to reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, and ensure that materials and equipment are available for products when needed. A cloud-based ERP system can provide manufacturing companies with tools for inventory management, procurement, and supplier management. These manufacturing ERP features can help reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, and ensure that materials and equipment are available for production teams when needed along with getting inventory out on the market on time. With a clear view of the supply chain, businesses can make informed decisions about when to order materials, how much to order, and from whom.

Improved Customer Relationship Management

A cloud-based ERP software can help manufacturing companies improve their customer relationship management by providing tools for managing customer interactions, tracking customer history, and providing personalized service. This functionality can help improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention for businesses. By understanding customer needs, companies can provide better service and increase manufacturing production revenue.

Better Reporting and Data Analytics

A cloud-based ERP system can provide manufacturers with real-time data and analytics that can help inform decision-making, identify trends, and improve overall business performance. These manufacturing ERP capabilities help ensure that manufacturing companies are making data-driven decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, the manufacturing ERP can help identify areas where the business can be improved and optimize decision-making. Whether it's solution implementations or accounting systems, ERP software can guide you to make informed decisions. 

Increased Manufacturing Efficiency

A cloud-based ERP software can help manufacturers improve efficiency by automating processes, reducing manual work, and streamlining workflows and business processes. These software capabilities can help reduce user errors, improve accuracy, and free up time for more strategic tasks. By automating time-consuming tasks, manufacturing organizations can become more efficient, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Improved Collaboration

A cloud-based ERP system can help manufacturers improve collaboration by providing a centralized platform for sharing information, communicating, and collaborating on projects. This can help ensure that management is on the same page and that manufacturing projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner. By providing a clear view of the project status, manufacturing companies can work together to identify problems and find solutions.

Enhanced Security for Business

A cloud-based manufacturing ERP software can provide enhanced security by protecting data from unauthorized access and ensuring that only those with the proper permissions can access the platform. This manufacturing ERP functionality can help protect confidential and sensitive information, as well as ensure that the software is secure from potential threats. By providing a secure platform for storing and managing data, manufacturing management can ensure that their data is safe and secure.

Manufacturing Scalability

A cloud-based ERP system can grow and adapt as the needs of manufacturing operations change. This means that manufacturing organizations can start small and expand their enterprise resource planning as needed, without having to worry about flexible, scalable, and customizable features that can accommodate growth and change over time. This can help manufacturing organizations avoid the cost and disruption of switching to new software when their business needs evolve.

The right cloud-based ERP software can provide manufacturing organizations with a comprehensive view of their operations, improve financial management, enhance production management, streamline inventory management, improve customer relationship management, provide better reporting and analytics, increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and offer scalability. By implementing a well-configured ERP system, manufacturing management companies can make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, increase business profitability, and remain competitive in an ever-changing industrial environment.

Key questions for a small to midsized manufacturing company to ask when considering ERP:

  • How many manufacturing facilities do you have today? In how many countries are you manufacturing products?
  • How are you handling EDI releases against forecast for your various customers?
  • Are you required (or will you be required) to track batch/lot components issued to finished batch lot/or serialized item?
  • Do you practice lean or continuous manufacturing or do you produce against a production/work order?
    Do you rely on Third Party Logistics (3PL)?


Rather than simply reacting to new manufacturing industry threats, successful manufacturers are leveraging cloud ERP solutions in new ways to sharpen business practices, such as:

  • Increase Profitability while managing more complex supply chains
  • Optimize inventory and supplier performance
  • Manage complex pricing scenarios and dynamics
  • Gain greater financial visibility and management agility within their accounts

SAP ERP Solutions for Industry-Specific Manufacturers

ERP Solutions Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Cloud-based ERP systems offer significant benefits for businesses in the Food and Beverage industry, empowering them to conquer their distinct hurdles and optimize their entire operations. These manufacturing ERP solutions provide real-time visibility, streamline processes, and bolster data analysis capabilities, ultimately enabling businesses to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


ERP Solutions Consumer Product Manufacturers

As a longstanding SAP Global Partner, Navigator Business Solutions collaborates with SAP to empower Consumer Product companies with enhanced agility, faster decision-making, and seamless collaboration at local, national, and global levels. By providing comprehensive, future-proof SAP solutions, Navigator enables customers to thrive amidst the constant changes within their manufacturing and distribution landscape. With Navigator's trusted SAP expertise, clients can optimize their operations, and become leaner, smarter, and more agile businesses.


ERP Solutions Industrial Product Manufacturers

ERP systems are crucial for industrial manufacturers as they integrate business processes, provide real-time data and analytics, streamline supply chain management, ensure quality control and compliance, offer scalability and flexibility, enhance collaboration and communication, and require careful implementation and support. By leveraging an ERP system, manufacturers can optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and adapt to changing market demands effectively.


ERP Solutions Life Sciences Manufacturers

Accelerate the time to market for cutting-edge, regulatory-compliant therapies and products using Navigator's solution tailored for the Life Science industries, powered by the SAP Cloud ERP platform. Navigator provides scalable software solutions specifically designed for biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences sectors. Our ERP solutions aim to support and optimize your manufacturing processes, enabling you to enhance product effectiveness, foster innovation, and elevate the quality of life in a cost-effective manner.


Deciding if Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is Right for Your Manufacturing Company

For the Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO), who is on the constant lookout for better ways to improve core operations and increase efficiency. One solution that has proven to be highly beneficial to manufacturing organizations is the implementation of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Manufacturing ERP systems streamline operations company-wide by integrating various business processes and functions, including finance and accounting, supply chain management, inventory management, and human resources. A cloud-based ERP system takes this consolidation of systems to the next level by storing all data, information,  and applications in a single platform accessible from anywhere.



Day-to-day benefits of Manufacturing ERP software for businesses

Here are some of the ways that cloud-based ERP software benefits manufacturing management companies on a day-to-day basis:

Streamline Operations with ERP for Manufacturing

Streamlined Manufacturing Operations

With all data and business processes integrated into one manufacturing ERP management system, teams can work more efficiently and collaboratively. Each user can easily access and update information, reducing the need for manual data entry and paper-based processes.
Realtime data and analytics for Manufacturing, ERP Solutions

Real-time Data + Analytics

Cloud-based ERP systems provide real-time data on our business operations, such as inventory levels, production schedules, and financial performance. These features help management teams across organizational levels, make informed decisions quickly and respond to changes in the market.

Access to real-time data and powerful analytics tools is vital for informed decision-making and continuous improvement. An ERP software should provide real-time insights into operational performance, enabling proactive management and optimization of resources.

inventory management for growing manufacturing operations

Enhanced Inventory Management

ERP software allows companies to track inventory levels and movements across all locations (across departments, buildings, or countries), making it easier to manage stock levels and avoid stockouts. The integrated manufacturing ERP system helps identify slow-moving products and optimize inventory levels, maximizing free cash flow.
Customer service supported by SAP ERP

Improved Customer Service

Manufacturing software helps teams provide better customer service by giving direct access to all customer data and order history in one platform. These features help people throughout the company respond to customer inquiries more quickly and accurately.
Reduce costs with SAP ERP for Manufacturing

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

ERP software helps companies reduce costs by eliminating redundant processes, increasing automation, and reducing operational errors. This manufacturing ERP functionality helps businesses increase core operational efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs in the long run.

Cloud-based ERP software provides an efficient, cost-effective way for businesses to boost their manufacturing operations, capabilities, and performance. By streamlining manufacturing processes, improving customer service, and reducing costs, cloud-based ERP software can help companies reach their goals faster.

Additional Features of Manufacturing ERP Systems for Companies

Choosing the right cloud-based ERP system provides numerous benefits for manufacturing management companies, both on a day-to-day and strategic level. Manufacturing ERP software streamlines operations provides real-time data, enhances inventory management, improves customer service, and offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, data security, and business intelligence. Implementing a cloud-based ERP system will increase efficiency and position the company to stay competitive in the market.

On a strategic level, a cloud-based ERP system provides even more benefits to manufacturing organizations:


A cloud-based ERP system can scale with a business, allowing them to add new features, functionality, and users as grow growth happens. This manufacturing ERP functionality helps firms stay competitive in the market and adapt to changing business conditions.

Cost Effectiveness

A cloud-based ERP system eliminates the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure, reducing overall IT costs. Manufacturing ERP software also allows companies to access the features they need, paying for only the active users, and reducing software licensing costs. All of our manufacturing ERP pricing is based on the number of users and the software features your company uses or will need to implement. 

Data Security

Cloud-based ERP systems are more secure than older on-premises systems, as they are hosted on remote servers with the latest security measures in place. These manufacturing ERP capabilities help protect manufacturing businesses from data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Business Intelligence

SAP ERP systems provide clients with valuable business intelligence insights, such as sales trends and customer behavior. Manufacturing ERP solutions help managers, directors, and executives make informed decisions about product development, marketing, and sales strategies.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Manufacturing ERP software provides firms with the flexibility to access their data and applications from any location. While on-premises are always available, cloud-based manufacturing systems can make a big difference for your business. These remote capabilities increase productivity and efficiency, as employees can access their data and work remotely.

Navigator's ERP Solutions for Manufacturers

Navigator has worked with more than 500 clients helping them better manage and grow their businesses by manufacturing ERP solutions. We understand how to work with you to apply our proven manufacturing ERP best practices and deliver solutions for your manufacturing business.

  • Improve accuracy, transparency, and consistency in cost estimates and calculations
  • Shorten quotation cycle and time-to-market for new inventory
  • Increase product margin
  • Avoid cost overruns
  • Improve value-at-risk rate
  • Have flexible manufacturing strategies
  • Collaborate across management teams and departments


Navigator’s implementation of SAP Cloud ERP solutions helps manufacturers execute batch-managed materials precisely with continuous, in-process control. Built-in real-time reporting and analytics will enable you to have a 360-degree view of your manufacturing operation from supply chain to customer status, accessible from anywhere on any device. Your operations people will know where their inventory is and your production operators will better meet quality standards and increase manufacturing efficiency.

With a World-class Cloud ERP solution delivered by Navigator Business Solutions, you will increase:

  • Production Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production Warehouse
  • Process Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Quality Management and Compliance


Overall, with a manufacturing ERP system, your enterprise will enjoy real-time data and updates allowing you to spend your time focused on making your business grow rather than chasing departmental reports, purchase orders, and invoices.

Check out more about how ERP system can help manufacturing companies.

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Manufacturing SUCCESS STORY

"Without SAP Business ByDesign. . . we would not really know how to accept orders, process orders, record shipments, and just do basic order-to-cash transactions. It allowed us to do those things very easily, and so SAP Business ByDesign fit a very, very important business need for us."
Michael Manning
Chief Technology Officer
American Industrial Manufacturers

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