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ERP for the Retail Industry

Store-Based Retail | eCommerce | Direct Selling | Omnichannel

Transforming Retail with Cloud ERP & Automation

The new dawn of retail: customer adaptive retailers. Customer-centric retailers anticipate individual needs and preferences, crafting a dynamic shopping experience. By leveraging technology and data, they cater to diverse shopping styles and goals, creating a truly personalized journey.

Explore SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Retail

True cloud-based ERP solutions for retailers

An ERP solution for retailers selling end-products through any channels to consumers and, or businesses.

Are you a retailer focused on. . .

  • Optimizing merchandising strategies for enhanced efficiency and
  • Enabling marketing to the segment of one with personalized
    offers and promotions?
  • Elevating supply chain planning with predictive technologies to
    ensure smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction?
 Retailers can leverage technologies, such as cloud, AI, robotics, IoT, and VR/AR, to provide the shopping experiences that delight customers.

Unlock inventory efficiency through data and insights

Retailers continually grapple with stock level balance, demand prediction accuracy, and operational efficiency. These challenges impact financial stability and operational effectiveness, influencing customer satisfaction and profits.

"Due to inventory distortion, retailers lose $818 billion annually, 56% of which is attributed to out-of-stock and the remaining 44% to overstocks." - IHL Group

AI helps unlock inventory efficiency through data and insights. 



Omnichannel retail: commerce everywhere

Gone are the days of siloed channels in retail. Today's omnichannel approach seamlessly blends physical experiences like in-store digital displays with online marketplaces and pop-up shops. This creates a unified journey for customers, regardless of where they shop. To stay ahead, retailers need to prioritize a smooth shopping experience that surpasses customer expectations at every touchpoint.

ERP for Consumer Products

What is the Grow with SAP program?

Grow with SAP is a program designed to help growth-focused consumer products manufacturers and distributors adopt cloud ERP software with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation. 

Learn more about SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.

Grow with SAP for Consumer Products


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“I think as a small business grows, you're going to run into the need to put processes in place in order to be a little bit more efficient with how you do business. So that's where SAP Business ByDesign was certainly helpful. . .”
Christopher Beck
Global Head of IT
Harrys, a consumer products company moved from quickbooks to sap business bydesign and is still rapdily growing.


“We wanted to make sure that Finance and Operations were evolving with the rest of the business - we didn’t want the wheels falling off in 12-18 months”
Ulion Riebe
Head of Finance
Rothys, Create a unicorn, a startup that changes the world and has a valuation of more than $1 billion.


“SAP had the proven track record to help us getback on track. They have the solutions, platformand ecosystem to support recovery as well asadvancement from the toughest of circumstances.”
Dave Cooper
Congoleum, 130+ Years of Progress in the Flooring, Tile and Plank Market Despite Daunting Challenges

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Unlock a future of advanced retail

Retailers looking to adapt to the evolving retail landscape are leveraging cloud ERP solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Leveraging advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) SAP ERP systems are enabling companies to harness insights, refine promotion planning, executing precisely, coordinating sales and marketing, improve financial analysis, offers, and promotions, and prepare for advanced merchandising and supply chain planning.


As we delve into the complexities of merchandising, personalization, and supply chain planning in the retail industry, retailers require more than just historical insights; they need a practical roadmap for success, particularly regarding AI integration. As a growing retailer, YOU may be in need of:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Route planning
  • Price optimization
  • Assortment planning
  • Personalization
  • Inventory management

Challenges Your Retail Business is Facing

Today, retailers are challenged by higher customer expectations and new market entrants disrupting the industry, while at the same time they must continue to run a profitable retail business in tough economic times. Discover how SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Business Technology Platform (BTP) brings systems and processes together to deliver differentiated experiences and greater operational efficiencies.

Looking into the future of the retail market

Retailers face a challenging environment with global risks on the rise.  In response, retailers of all sizes are prioritizing sales growth and operational efficiency. They're also looking for ways to reduce risk and develop new ideas.  Sustainability is becoming increasingly important from both environmental and profitability viewpoints and will be a key part of their overall strategies in the years to come.

To be successful in this changing market, retailers need to transform their businesses, leveraging technology that will enable them to adapt and scale with the market. This transformation is essential for good performance and happy customers.  Leaders need to improve their business processes and systems to be more interconnected and adaptable.

By using a clean-core approach to business systems, a retailers ERP system is the central point (single source of truth) that can be extended seamlessly with SAP products and services as well as through integrations to various technologies from different vendors. SAP’s cloud ERP, clean-core approach, supported by SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), provides growth-focused retailers the agility they need to meet new customer demands and respond to future market changes, even unforeseen ones.

Technology Essentials for Key Decision Makers

COOs face the pressure to implement state-of-the-art processes and advanced technologies for digital transformation. These include applying IoT for warehouse operations, and improving inventory optimization, quality, and delivery. COOs need a comprehensive platform upon which to develop and deploy connected software solutions and services, as well as improve the integration between IT/OT.

 CEOs need to ensure their company is agile enough to execute rapidly on key decisions – this impacts every aspect of the organization, people, processes, practices, partners, and solutions. The CEO will continually need to balance innovation with cost, risk, and investment.

 CIOs are at the heart of the required digital transformation and are required to move from old, unsustainable, insecure systems or their start-up platforms, to fit-to-standard-based solutions that will help their organization rapidly adapt to changing business models and readily navigate a turbulent external environment.

 VP of Supply Chain must become a more strategic partner to the business, moving from price-centricity to viewing and managing the complete supply chain, by improving visibility and applying best practices all while supporting the enterprise's changing sales channels.

How will Navigator Business Soltuions help your retail company?

SAP has been a trusted solution partner for growing retail companies for decades. Navigator Business Solutions delivers cloud SAP ERP solutions to provide companies with an affordable, fit-to-standard based ERP solution using their accelerated implementation methodology. This software solution meets omnichannel retailers where they are with SAP technology that will scale with them all at a speed that enables a digital transformation with minimal disruption.

SAP ERP delivered by Navigator Business Solutions provides a comprehensive yet flexible solution for local and global retail companies, supporting the unique market needs of each organization and offering excellent business process fit, out of the box.

Implementing an SAP ERP platform with Navigator provides fit-to-standard business processes that can be quickly and easily configured to a company’s unique needs using built-in usability tools, and ready-to-integrate web services. The concept of “click not code” eliminates the need for expensive and difficult-to-maintain customizations. SAP’s continuous innovation on their advanced cloud platform virtually future proofs the application platform for organizations of any size and life stage.

SAP ERP solutions offer a fit to standard approach that provides the distinct planning and operational needs of retail companies – including demand and supply chain planning, returns management, warehousing and inventory management (WMS), financial visibility, analytics, quality management, and more. No matter how your organization scales, you will never outgrow SAP.


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