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Navigator has a track record of completing projects On-time and On-Budget 98% of the time.

Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

A powerful on-demand ERP solution that’s ready to run when you are.

Add on Solutions
Add on Solutions

Empower your organization to stay informed with access to the important data, available anywhere.


Support is on 24/7/365. Ask questions, get answers.

Innovative Analytics
Innovative Analytics

Run smart. Run simple.

Business Process Consulting
Business Process Consulting

Helping you to fuel growth and achieve excellence within your enterprise.

Worldwide Integration
Worldwide Integration

Integrate with your subsidiaries around the globe and expand to meet the needs of your growing business.

Sending your business in the right direction


Navigating you to specialized solutions

Navigator is a progressive, perennial award winning organization that provides ideal, scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for companies just like yours.

Depending on the size and structure of your business, we have exactly what you need to give you increased operational control and efficiency.

Standard Solution

Best fit for smaller businesses with up to 100 employees, our Standard Solution is ideal for quickly and conveniently replacing average accounting-only software with non-integrated applications.  Safely configure into a business platform that is effective and user friendly. Available in more than 40 countries and 20 languages, the Standard Solution is customizable for specific industry business.


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Enterprise Solution

Best fit for businesses with up to 1000 employees, our Enterprise Solution is optimized to replace point solutions software, spreadsheets, and manual processes.  Safely configure into a robust business platform that is multifaceted and complete.  Available in the US, Germany, France, UK, India, & China.

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Our Customers

American Bicycle
“We found SAP to be the ideal solution for our growing business.  Beginning with the ability to handle multi-currency and international, multi-facility operations, there truly wasn’t a better solution out there.  The ability to get up and running so quickly with SAP was the deciding factor.”
Yak Pak
“SAP Business One was able to integrate every single part of business under one roof, so that sales, distribution, manufacturing, and customer service were able to work in tandem.”
Skull Candy
“The SAP Business ByDesign hosted model is ideal for our small size, mobile workforce, and the requirement to scale. Additionally, the modest investment in IT infrastructure allows us to more effectively deploy capital to support our rapid business growth.”
Tam Ceramics
“SAP Business ByDesign is the perfect complement to our company. The remote access system that is hosted and managed by SAP was the resource we needed to answer our small company business needs and is capable of supporting our business dynamics as we grow”
“We found SAP Business One to be a simple yet powerful system for our staff to work with. This is critical since our employees need to stay focused on managing customer relationships and producing quality products, not struggling with technology.”
“Knowing up-to-the minute, what is on hand, on order, or on delivery, with SAP Business One makes a tremendous difference on our profitability by better being able to forecast for upcoming demand.”