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Client Success Story:

Living Proof

a consumer products company

Living Proof and SAP Business ByDesign delivered by Navigator Business Solutions

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From Startup to Thriving Company with SAP Business ByDesign

Customers love the hair-care products created by Living Proof. Born in the heart of
biotech, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Living Proof was founded by world-class
biotech scientists and beauty experts with one simple ambition: challenge conventional
wisdom to solve the toughest beauty problems. With over 85 awards to date, the
company develops innovative solutions that change the way hair behaves,
revolutionizing the world of beauty. In order to move from a small startup to a thriving
company with multiple product lines, Living Proof knew it needed new IT solutions. But
with such a small staff, there wasn't room to bring in an IT department.

Living Proof turned to the SAP® Business ByDesign® solution to take its business to the
next level. With the solution, Living Proof has strengthened its supply chain and
manufacturing, and has created a routine process for distribution. SAP Business
ByDesign manages processes throughout the company, including finance, production
planning, forecasting, and employee transactions. And most important, with the new
support, Living Proof has increased its product portfolio by 230% and increased
revenue by 330%.

“We haven't shed headcount since implementing SAP Business ByDesign, but it
has allowed us to grow. We don't wonder anymore what's going to happen when
we book a transaction; we know how it will flow through the solution. Without
SAP Business ByDesign, we could not run a profitable business.”
Terry Rice, Director of Finance, Living Proof Inc.

Living Proof Grows with SAP Business ByDesign

• Integrate third-party logistics
• Control channel growth and working capital
• Improve business forecasting
• Track retail performance metrics
• Build brand size and awareness
• Grow top line and profit
• Maintain discipline within business processes
• Manage cash flow

• Cloud solution that requires minimal infrastructure
• Replacement for outdated spreadsheets
• Ability to expand product lines and sales channels
• Room for growth with the SAP® Business ByDesign® solution

• Implemented SAP Business ByDesign
• Improved technology systems without creating an IT department
• Strengthened supply chain and manufacturing
• Created a routine process for distribution and manufacturing
• Managed processes throughout the company, including finance,
production planning, forecasting, and employee transactions

Future plans
• Implement the SAP BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence suite
• Deploy SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® software to gather
real-time reporting on retail sales

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SAP Business ByDesign Transformation Study for Consumer Products:
  • 330% growth in revenue
  • Improved ability to introduce new product lines
  • 230% growth in product portfolio
  • 400% unit volume growth

  • HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Products & Services: High-end hair-care products
  • Industry: Consumer Products
  • Employees: 60 employees
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