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SAP Business One Pricing

Explore Cloud ERP pricing for SMBs

Why SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use enterprise resource planning system (ERP) specifically designed for small to mid-market businesses by the world’s largest ERP maker, SAP. It is an ERP solution built from the ground up for SMBs, not a scaled-down version of enterprise SAP solutions.

From financials and inventory to customer relationship management and human resources, SAP Business One integrates all major aspects of your business for end-to-end visibility, added efficiency, and improved operational control. By serving as the nerve center for your business, with all data flowing into a single, centralized system, SAP Business One enables real-time data access for faster, complete, more nimble decision-making.

What's the Difference Between Cheap and Good ERP Systems

The cheapest ERP system might require middleware or custom coding to make it perform like your company needs, and quickly the cost of developing and maintaining these custom solutions far exceeds the savings of the “cheaper” option. The more expensive ERP solution that connects with everything out-of-the-box actually costs less.

A good ERP system enables widespread process automation and both the collection of all company data and analytics that help businesses act on that data. Read the success stories of businesses that have adopted the most popular ERP solutions, and you invariably read about new revenue streams, 20 percent jumps in revenue, and other tales of massive financial upside.

Now onto pricing. . . and why it's tricky to set a one price fits all with ERP. 

As you've probably heard, many ERP deployments fail. However, most of these failures come from poor planning, limited consultation and buy-in from key stakeholders, and inadequate needs assessment. These problems usually start during the ERP evaluation process.

Before you can accurately evaluate and put a price on an ERP solution and implementation, you must define key aspects of your organization and its needs.

Your selection team needs to assess all lines of business, key stakeholders, headcounts, and other specifics such as the software currently in use within the business (both software officially
used within your organization and the shadow IT adopted by employees when official solutions prove inadequate). In addition, you should define your organization’s goals for the new system, how you will measure project success, and the timeframe needed for completion of the ERP deployment.

We've created this ERP Evaluation guide to help you define key aspects of your organization and its needs. 

Get the ERP Evaluation Guide

Get the ERP Evaluation Guide


Let's break down the different components of ERP pricing.

SAP Business One implementation projects can take anywhere from 16 to 20 weeks for an average go-live.

Our implementation process is divided into 5 main phases that leads to a Go-live in an average of 18 weeks– these steps are Prepare, Fine-Tune, Test, Go-Live, and Post Go-Live.

Overall, working with a value added reseller, you'll reduce IT costs with SAP Business One Cloud by reducing implementation time and eliminating hardware and software maintenance. You also transform a large capital expense into a small ongoing operating expense.

  • Reduce IT dependence
  • No downtime or data loss
  • End hardware and software refresh cycles

Check out the 'ERP Implementation Guide for the CFO'.

Software License
  • Professional User – Can access all modules including administration via the desktop and mobile user interfaces. Can
    use the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK). The SAP Business One Professional User does include the
    rights granted under an SAP Business One Mobile Application User, SAP Business One Limited CRM User, SAP Business
    One Limited Financial User, SAP Business One Limited Logistic User and SAP Business One Indirect Access User
  • Limited User – Can access the features in a role typically used on a daily basis via the desktop and mobile user
    interfaces. Each Limited user can be requested as one of these roles: CRM, Financial or Logistic. For more details about
    the features included please refer to the License comparison chart. The SAP Business One Limited User license does
    include the rights granted under an SAP Business One Mobile Application User and SAP Business One Indirect Access
    User license.
    ▪ Mobile Application User – Can access the ‘SAP Business One Sales’ or ‘SAP Business One Service’ mobile application
    only. The SAP Business One Mobile Application User license does include the rights granted under an SAP Business One
    Indirect Access User license. This user cannot run on the version for MS-SQL.
    ▪ Indirect Access, user-based – Can access SAP Business One via it’s application programming interfaces only. It cannot
    access any of the user interfaces (desktop and mobile) developed by SAP (except the login and password screen).

Navigator works very closely with our clients to assist in the definition and realization of IDEAS:

  • Identify specific opportunities for improvement by conducting an end-to-end assessment of current business processes, measuring efficiency, and check for alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce and/or eliminate redundancies in business processes (existing or new) and to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Enable users and stakeholders to adopt and enrich the organizational transformation through change management, coaching, and strategies for motivating people throughout the organization and ensuring their alignment with the new processes and structure.
  • Analyze the impact and effectiveness of changes in business processes or strategies as compared to operational performance and goals.
  • Systematize the new processes by updating standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring that the new processes are followed and optimized for continuous improvement.

On-Going Technology Consulting Services

When it comes to helping clients get the most out of their SAP Business software and meet their specific business needs, Navigator has a program that helps identify the on-going services needed to allow our clients to operate efficiently and profitably by leveraging the power of technology.

Our ability to apply an effective combination of needs-based business practice consulting, project management, leading-edge software, custom development, and technology expertise, as well as a proven implementation methodology, enables us to deploy a complete, and cost-effective software, services, and technology solution these specific business environments.

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With your investment in SAP & Navigator, it is understood and expected that you will have questions outside of the pre & post-go-live phases of your implementation.  With our goal to provide the best customer care and support in the industry, Navigator is pleased to offer enhanced Customer Care & Support focused on delivering world-class customer support & training.

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Premium Support includes everything in regular maintenance, plus a specific, assigned, professional Customer Success Manager that delivers semi-monthly reviews of support incidents, semi-annual account reviews, unlimited application training by our SAP-certified consulting staff, regular business process consulting, and most importantly, live, call-in support during local business hours – so you can better align and leverage your SAP system based on your specific, and every changing needs.

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General SAP Software Licensing

SAP Business One Cloud, partner-hosted option - as a subscription fee per month which combines the license use rights and the support.

Key Integrations

Key out-of-the-box Integrations of Business One

Some of the popular integrations that are supported by iConnect out of the box:

  • E-Commerce: ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, Ebay, Hybris (via Data Workbench), Magento, Magento 2.1, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce
  • Credit cards: Authorize.net, PayFlowPro, CyberSource, USAePay, Stripe
  • CRM: SalesForce.com
  • Expense: Concur
  • Marketing: Marketo, Hubspot
  • Configuration: CIS
  • Planning: PlanetTogether, AdaptivePlanning
  • Portal: Customer Portal, Vendor Portal
  • Quality Management System (QMS): MasterControl
  • Shipping: iAbol, Pacejet, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks
  • Customer service: ZenDesk, Phoenix DAS
  • EDI: SPS Commerce, DiCentral
  • Tax: Avalara
  • WMS: Lisa, Warehouse Mobile Solutions
  • 3PL: Multiple 3PL companies
  • Point of Sale (POS): NCR, VendHQ, Stripe
  • Traffic monitoring: Data Collect

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