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Cloud ERP for Growth-Focused Companies

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How much further will your current tools take you? 

As a finance executive, you are responsible for overseeing the financial and accounting functions of the company on a daily basis, as well as strategizing for the future. Your role involves enhancing operational effectiveness, controlling expenses, and effectively managing limited resources. The objective is to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while maximizing return on investment (ROI).

The company's primary goal is to achieve rapid and cost-effective growth, and it is your responsibility to facilitate this outcome. However, your organization's growth is being hindered by the limitations of outdated legacy systems.


Best-in-class companies are much more likely to have invested in cloud-based ERP solutions.

Experience boundless growth with our future-oriented cloud solutions

With our extensive knowledge gained over the past 17 years, we provide cutting-edge cloud solutions that empower the growth of your financial operations, enabling you to surpass limitations and stay ahead in your industry. Our expertise allows us to assist you in consistently enhancing your processes, ensuring continuous improvement and seamless adaptation to ever-evolving changes.

By leveraging our world-class cloud solutions, you can confidently transition without the inherent risks and concerns associated with traditional ERP migrations.

Get the 'A Guide to Growth' report by IDC Custom Solutions, which analyzes the defining characteristics of leading midsize companies.

Growth isn’t cheap, but with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you can drive down operational costs while driving up organizational growth.

Grow with SAP helps you adopt SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP quickly and low cost to entry.

Grow with SAP is designed to help growth-focused firms adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation. 

As your growth-focused company continues to evolve and mature, it requires flexible technologies to easily adapt and thrive.


What are midsize companies focusing on to grow at the pace needed? 


are making operational processes more sustainable


are increasing automation within processes


are improving cost controls and spend management

*Source: SAP Global Insights Survey - Revenue, Risk, and Efficiency: What growing companies are going to do next


“With a validated and scalable ERP system, the company is advancing its vision to build the world’s largest cell and gene therapy manufacturing and testing facility and enable the rapid development and delivery of groundbreaking treatments for patients,”
Peter Carbone
Center for Breakthrough Medicines


"We can run reports upside down, inside out, any way you want it, you can get a report to tell you what the numbers look like. We now have all the information in one system – from CRM to the end of finance, we have tracking on everything we need."
Leah Peene


“We wanted to make sure that Finance and Operations were evolving with the rest of the business - we didn’t want the wheels falling off in 12-18 months”
Ulion Riebe
Head of Finance


“One of the really good things about the Navigator's solution is that we’re still in touch with the consultants who put it in. Normally after you've gone live, you get about 30 days of hyper care and then you are rolled into the support group and never hear again from the consultants who helped implement it. . .”
Scott Harris
Vice President
TriRx Pharmaceutical Services
TriRx Pharmacutical Services

Find Out How We’ve Helped Others Meet Their Goals

When organizations discover that their current business processes and systems impede their growth and adaptability, they turn to Navigator Business Solutions for assistance.

These organizations have reached a point where their existing business systems no longer meet their needs, are insufficiently powered, and cannot sustain the company's growth trajectory.


How cloud-based efficiency and innovation addresses finance challenges
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No Business is Too Small for SAP

Midsize enterprises need the ability to scale without driving up costs and complexity. Agility, especially for midsize companies, is the new currency if they want to survive and thrive in the current market.

Midsize companies are of enormous importance to economies worldwide, as they employ around 55% of all workers. They are also very important to SAP, comprising more than 80% of the company’s customer base. Midsize companies rely on rapid growth for their long-term success – but that is often easier said than done in view of the shortage of skilled workers and other challenges.

An ideal way to nurture that growth is SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, an out-of-the-box cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers the latest industry-specific best practices and continuous innovation. The recently launched GROW with SAP solution can provide a complete offering to help any size business adopt cloud ERP with speed and predictability. It offers SAP’s ready-to-run cloud ERP solution, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, together with adoption and acceleration services, as well as access to customers, partners, and SAP experts to allow businesses to thrive in the cloud.

Read 'Grow with SAP: A Game Changer for Midsize Companies'


The more things change, the more it requires finance.

Finance leaders are propelling business advancement by implementing significant enhancements in core processes, harnessing the power of cloud innovation to achieve superior outcomes across the entire organization.

Explore SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

Get real-time information

Access up-to-the-minute data that enables you to transition from periodic processes and workflows to a continuously active mode that aligns with the demands of contemporary business.

Rather than being confined to month-end closures, you can embrace continuous accounting. Leaders no longer have to anticipate the next cyber threat or process failure, as your ERP system is equipped with integrated controls and risk management capabilities.

Access a modern, versatile technology infrastructure

Unleash the potential of a cutting-edge and adaptable technology infrastructure to tackle the various challenges that accompany growth. Instantly transform business and billing models, ensuring your business is always prepared for expansion, regardless of the direction you choose.

Seamlessly adapt to diverse language and regulatory requirements in any country, enabling you to expand your workforce, establish new offices, and acquire customers in new markets without unnecessary complexity.

Bring critical financial functions together in one solution

Consolidate essential financial functions into a unified solution and bridge the gaps in data and workflow that hinder your progress. Streamline liquidity and working capital management by accessing real-time information all in one centralized location. Establish seamless integration between finance and other departments within your organization, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring a cohesive and holistic view of data.

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