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Save Our System (SOS)

with Navigator Business Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign & SAP Business One - Save Our System (SOS) + Optimization Services

Have you been unlucky enough to suffer from a bad implementation or one that was more of a simple system setup rather than a true implementation? Feeling a bit lost, abandoned, and frustrated?

We can help you regroup, reconfigure and get your system and your people working in the system the way ERP was meant to be supporting your organization. We are highly experienced in this area of client consulting and support. We will have your software and processes delivering the value you expected in no time.

The next step towards truly accessing the value of your system. This is how Navigator can help.

Navigator Save Our System (SOS) Discovery 
  • Engagement - Highly focused remote / onsite session(s) designed to document the key needs, processes and mission-critical applications required to ensure an optimized SAP system. Following the remote / onsite session(s), a report of findings, recommendations, and next steps, all which targets an optimized system is in place, will be created and presented to you.

    Typically, between 24 to 40 hours are required for the Optimization Discovery. A portion of that time will be dedicated to any necessary Preparation, as well as development of the Findings / Recommendations Documentation.

  • Scope of Work - review the configuration of SAP, specifically:
    • Assess the effectiveness of the various modules as it pertains to the business environment and key business processes
    • Confirm best practice of the various modules as it pertains to the Customer's business environment
    • Understand user challenges
    • Understand current reporting capabilities, possible enhancements
    • Understand areas where user efficiency might be improved through custom development
  • Deliverables
  1. System health check
  2. Quick fixes to any simple challenges
  3. Documentation of the challenges, and opportunities for improvement
  4. Recommendations on next steps, including any additional business consulting, managed services, and/or custom development
“We told SAP that we needed somebody good or we're done with the product,” he says. “So they gave us Navigator.”


“Navigator was very knowledgeable coming in,” says Beck. “Not just the products, but the business side of it. They seemed to just understand. So when there were additional things that we were trying to do, they had business process expertise to help make it happen.”
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