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Why Pharmaceutical Companies Run Better with Navigator and SAP

As a long-time trusted SAP Global Partner, Navigator Business Solutions partners with SAP to help Bio Pharma manufacturers operate with greater agility, make faster decisions, and collaborate with increased mobility around their company, the country and the World. Navigator offers complete suite-in-a-box, future-proof SAP solutions to help customers grow while meeting compliance mandates. Navigator then delivers the SAP expertise that our clients trust to enhance their businesses and operate as leaner, smarter and completely compliant companies.

Navigator’s industry solutions, including the Bio Pharma Solution set, are pre-defined SAP Business ByDesign offerings based on Best Practices built for the industry, on more than 10 years of ERP implementations, supporting Mobility, real-time analytics, Quality and the Compliance needs of our customers.

Bio Pharma manufacturers, regardless of whether they are start-ups or established organizations, have dynamic product life cycles; from development and clinical trials through to distribution and revenue.  To get there they often face complex supply chains, a demanding regulatory environment and the need to track everything, and regularly require multi-country compliance and reporting.

Want to See SAP Business ByDesign in Action?

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete, cloud-based ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market businesses and subsidiaries that want to scale without the complexity and unnecessary cost.

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SAP Business ByDesign Solution Highlights

  • A single solution platform that fits every stage of your business’ growth life cycle
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Scalability
  • Suite-In-A-Box covering every aspect of your business including: Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Production, Project Costing/Management, Human Resources, Quality, Time & Expenses
  • End to End Traceability
  • Ready to Validate Platform supports regulatory compliance
  • Ability to integrate with Enterprise Quality Management Solutions
  • Better decision making with real-time information and Analytics
  • True Cloud platform that provides rapid implementation and time to benefit
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Enable what you need when you need it.
  • Analytics - Anytime, Anywhere provides a single version of the truth enhancing your ability to run the business


  • Financials and Analytics
  • Multi-Company, multi-country, multi-currency out of the box
  • Manages complex supply chains
  • Identified stock (lot/batch control), registered products (serialization)
  • Fully embedded production supports both discrete and process manufacturing
  • Embedded Quality Control
  • Ready to Validate Platform
  • Compliance
  • Full and complete Track and Trace via lot/batch and serial number
  • User Authorization and Login Controls/Management
  • Every Transaction is marked with date/time/user that created it
  • A Change Log is maintained for every update to a document/master file record

Client Success Story

“Overall, with the help of Navigator consultants, we’ve reduced our work probably on average 30% within the finance department alone.”

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Leah Peene

Client Success Story

"SAP Business ByDesign came up as the one solution that would handle everything we needed to handle"

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Byron Dyke

Leverage a platform that scales as your business grows.

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