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Pharmaceutical ERP - Choosing & Implementing Pharma ERP Software

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Run Better with Navigator and SAP Software


ERP for Pharma that Lets You Operate with Greater Agility

As a long-time trusted SAP Global Partner, Navigator Business Solutions partners with SAP to help Bio Pharma manufacturers operate with greater agility, make faster decisions, and collaborate with increased mobility around their company, the country, and the World. Navigator offers complete ERP suite-in-a-box, future-proof SAP solutions to help customers grow while meeting compliance mandates set by pharma industry regulators. Navigator then delivers the SAP expertise that our clients trust to enhance their businesses and operate as leaner, smarter, and completely compliant companies.

ERP designed for BioPharmaceutical Manufacturing Organizations

From Start-ups to Established Organizations

Navigator’s pharma industry solutions, including the BioPharma Solution set, are pre-defined SAP ERP software based on Best Practices built for the industry, on more than 15 years of ERP implementations, supporting:

  • Mobility
  • Real-time analytics
  • Quality
  • Compliance needs


BioPharma manufacturers, regardless of whether they are start-ups or established pharmaceutical organizations, have dynamic product life cycles; from development and clinical trials through to distribution and revenue. To get there companies often face complex supply chains, a demanding regulatory environment, and the need to track everything, and regularly require multi-country compliance and reporting that only the best ERP software can provide.

What are pharma commercialization services?

ERP designed for Nutraceutical Manufacturer Organizations

Want to See SAP ERP Software in Action?

SAP ERP is a complete, cloud-based ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market companies and subsidiaries that want to scale without the complexity of large-scale pharma industry ERP solutions. 

SAP ERP Solution Highlights for Life Sciences

A single ERP solution platform that fits every stage of your business’ growth life cycle

ERP covering all aspects of your business including: Finance, Sales, Pharma Supply Chain, Production, Project Costing/Management, Human Resources, Quality, Time & Expenses.

Ready to Validate Platform

An ERP system that supports pharmaceutical regulatory compliance.


Pharma inventory and resource analytics anytime, anywhere provides a single version of the truth enhancing your ability to run the business.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

ERP enable what you need, when you need it.

Track & Trace

ERP for pharma with full and complete Track and Trace via lot/batch and serial number.


ERP Solutions with the ability to integrate with Enterprise Quality Management Solutions.


See our Industry-specific Cloud ERP Solutions in Action

Watch an on-demand life science demo about how cloud ERP systems can support pharma processes. 

ERP Evaluation Guide, Life Sciences Edition

This guide is a comprehensive workbook that helps you evaluate various ERP systems for appropriateness before selection and implementation.

BioPharma Manufacturing Whitepaper

Ideal for organizations that want to get started quickly, get the solution up and running, and grow with their business.

Midsize Life Sciences BusinessesLook to Supercharge Growth

Digitalizing innovation processes in products, services, and business models.

The Role of ERP in the Pharmaceutical Industry
As such, cloud ERP is critical for pharmaceutical operations today given this environment.


"SAP Business ByDesign came up as the one solution that would handle everything we needed to handle"
Byron Dyke


"We can run reports upside down, inside out, any way you want it, you can get a report to tell you what the numbers look like. We now have all the information in one system – from CRM to the end of finance, we have tracking on everything we need."
Leah Peene
CeloNova Biosciences


“With a validated and scalable ERP system, the company is advancing its vision to build the world’s largest cell and gene therapy manufacturing and testing facility and enable the rapid development and delivery of groundbreaking treatments for patients,”
Peter Carbone
Center for Breakthrough Medicines


“We told Navigator that we wanted their out-of-the-box, best practices for pharmaceutical companies"
Scott Harris
VP of TriRx
TriRx Pharmaceutical Services

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Pharmaceutical ERP Comparison Guide

Choosing a pharma ERP software that suits your organization’s needs is a challenge. Below, you’ll find some practical advice you can use right now to make the decision on pharma ERP software easier.
Along with many other nuanced processes and applications, these are the main features that you should seek out from pharmaceutical ERP software:

Comprehensive Industry Compliance Capabilities

Whether you’re subject to FDA regulations, or even DEA oversight, regulatory adherence should always be top of mind when choosing enterprise resource management solutions in the biotech industry. And, it’s one of the first things you ought to discuss with your ERP vendor of choice.

When you’re ready to discuss your pharmaceuticals ERP needs, come prepared for the conversation. In addition to preparing all the pharma regulations you’re observing, list all the ways in which you will need the pharmaceutical manufacturing ERP to help you ensure accurate compliance records. The ERP software should include workflows and controls that ensure compliance is observed at every step of the process.

Traceability and Accountability Across Your Supply Chain

At any point in time, you may be faced with the need to trace a product backwards to identify the source of a problem. In that case, a properly implemented pharma ERP can mean the difference between a disaster and a mere inconvenience.

In a nutshell, you need an ERP system report that can facilitate full transparency throughout the supply chain. That means everything from serialization, through traceability, and onto government reporting ought to be built into the ERP system.

Some basic functions to look for in ERP software, even for smaller pharma companies, are:
  • Serial number tracking and tracing
  • Lot controls
  • Verification and transaction history
  • Reporting capabilities
Proper traceability can be extremely difficult and time-consuming or it can just be another part of your business management processes if you implement the right ERP.

Recipe Management and Control for Pharmaceuticals

Strict adherence to manufacturing protocols is the foundation of your success as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. And that adherence starts and ends with adequate pharmaceutical ERP systems.

Your enterprise resource planning systems should be able to document every detail of your pharmaceutical manufacturing process, along with any values that are relevant to your final product. And not only that, but it should also account for how and where ingredients are stored, who has access to them, expiration dates, inventory in stock, and any other relevant information.

Before you begin comparing enterprise resource planning options, create a fully detailed description of your manufacturing processes and seek out ERP for pharmaceutical companies that comes the closest to being able to account for every step in that process.

If an ERP comes close to your needs but fails in a few key areas, speak with vendors about the potential of creating custom ERP solutions for large pharma companies. Often, you’ll find that the right ERP software is more flexible than may appear at first glance and can accommodate a wide range of needs for pharma companies with a little customization.

Quality Assurance

Last, but certainly not least, is quality assurance. It’s ultimately the most important part of the manufacturing process in the life science industry. Even major pharma manufacturers have been brought low in the past from small oversights in quality assurance.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing software helps make sure that materials, products, and procedures are visible to all, monitored, and applied properly. With ERP software like SAP systems, you can create automated audits for incoming raw materials to ensure that they meet industry standards of quality.

Top pharma ERP solutions can also align performance indicators across an entire supply chain, which also makes data much more transparent. This data helps identify any issues and improves efficiency among all participants in the process.

Your QA requirements are a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing the right ERP software. If an ERP solution can’t provide the quality controls your business needs, it’s going to cause problems down the road.

Additional Features of Top-tier Pharma ERP Solutions

We covered the must-have features of an ERP system for BioPharma companies above. In addition, here are some nice-to-have features in a life science manufacturing ERP that can be extremely useful on a case-by-case basis for companies:

  • CAPA Management and control: If you’re taking steps to implement corrective and preventive actions methodology in your organization, the right ERP software will help you get it right. And ERP with the capacity to provide continuous process monitoring allows you to immediately spot instances of non-conforming processes.
  • Medical rep management: If the scope of your business includes work with medical representatives, your ERP software can be an important part of keeping accurate and updated records of doctors, pharmacists, and other data entities involved in the process. Also, you can select an ERP that produces detailed reports about the amounts and destinations of any units ordered and fulfilled to medical personnel.
  • Employee monitoring: In some cases, you may need your ERP to manage employee access to certain processes and steps in order to adhere to pharma regulatory requirements. If that’s the case, look for this feature within the HR capabilities of the ERPs you’re considering.

Leverage a life sciences manufacturing platform that scales as your business grows.

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