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Navigator Business Solutions Customer Care & Support

SAP ERP Support delivered by Navigator Business Solutions: What's in it for you?

With your investment in SAP delivered by Navigator Business Solutions, it is understood and expected that you will have questions outside of the pre & post-go-live phases of your implementation.  With our goal to provide the best customer care and support in the industry, Navigator is pleased to offer enhanced Customer Care & Support focused on delivering world-class customer support & training.

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Exceptional customer support for your SAP ERP system

What you will receive from Navigator Business Solutions' Utah-based support team:


Customers expect fast and efficient support when they encounter problems or have questions. Navigator has a system in place to quickly respond to customer inquiries, whether it be through our support center, phone (801) 642-4685, or email.


Customers rely on SAP ERP software to manage their businesses, and they expect the support team to have deep knowledge and expertise in the software's features and functionality.

Navigator’s support team has the experience to quickly diagnose, and resolve issues. If your business process solution involves extended services, your Account Manager will guide you to the right consulting programs. 


Exceptional customer support should not only be reactive to customer requests but also proactive in identifying potential issues before they become major problems.

Navigator monitors system performance and offers optimization services as well as additional training to help our clients get the most out of their SAP ERP investment.


Great customer support requires empathy and a willingness to understand the customer's perspective.

The Navigator support team listens to our customers, their concerns, and frustrations, and provides personalized solutions that meet their needs.

Clear Communication

Effective communication is essential for customer support, especially when dealing with complex technical issues.

The Navigator support team takes the time to explain technical concepts in a clear and concise manner and provides regular updates on the status of customer requests as they are being resolved.

Continuous Improvement

Exceptional customer support is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement. Navigator’s Customer Support Team regularly gathers feedback from our customers and that feedback is used to improve processes.

What is premium support delivered by Navigator Business Solutions?

Premium Support includes everything in regular maintenance, plus a specific, assigned, professional Customer Success Manager that delivers semi-monthly reviews of support incidents, semi-annual account reviews, unlimited application training by our SAP-certified consulting staff, regular business process consulting, and most importantly, live, call-in support during local business hours – so you can better align and leverage your SAP system based on your specific, and ever-changing needs.

If you need to reach our Support Desk by telephone: (801) 642-4685


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"SAP Business ByDesign came up as the one solution that would handle everything we needed to handle"
Byron Dyke


“With a validated and scalable ERP system, the company is advancing its vision to build the world’s largest cell and gene therapy manufacturing and testing facility and enable the rapid development and delivery of groundbreaking treatments for patients,”
Peter Carbone
Center for Breakthrough Medicines


"We can run reports upside down, inside out, any way you want it, you can get a report to tell you what the numbers look like. We now have all the information in one system – from CRM to the end of finance, we have tracking on everything we need."
Leah Peene


“We told Navigator that we wanted their out-of-the-box, best practices for pharmaceutical companies"
Scott Harris
VP of TriRx

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