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Introduction to SAP ByDesign for Mid-sized Businesses

SAP ByDesign Demo 

Mid-Sized Business of $25M+ & 20+ employees

SAP Business ByDesign is a powerful, scalable business management system which integrates all core business functions across your entire company.

Register today for a comprehensive overview demonstration that will show you how you can manage your entire business with a single cloud ERP solution.

It is ideally suited for mid-market companies, local public sector institutions and subsidiaries of large corporations. The modular nature of SAP Business ByDesign allows you to pick and choose where to start your business improvement journey and supports your evolution to continuous business improvements at your own speed.

Find out how you can streamline end-to-end processes and maximize efficiency across your organization, gain timely business insights through real-time analytics and manage your business from anywhere, at any time, with built in mobile apps.

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Monday @ 11am MDT

Friday @ 9am MDT

Introduction to SAP for the Public Sector

Finally, SAP is Delivered to the Public Sector

Get Structure, Compliance, and Consistency

Are you interested in seeing what a truly modern ERP system based on cutting edge technology actually looks like?  Join use every Thursday morning at 10:30AM EST (7:30am PST) and 12:00PM (9am PST) for a live webinar on SAP Business ByDesign. 

Do you need to do the following?

  • Consolidate siloed systems with a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution
  • Reduce infrastructure, services and ongoing IT maintenance costs
  • Improve Funds management and encumbrance accounting across all business processes
  • Meet increased stakeholder reporting requirements and improve transparency
  • Leverage best practices in business processes to improve delivery of government services
  • Leverage built-in mobility to improve your workforces’ user experience
  • Put in place a digital platform to efficiently unite multiple platforms and organizations
    • Leverage a simple, powerful, easy to use platform to improve reporting and day-to-day operations

Come see how SAP’s continuous investment and innovation have delivered a product to the Public Sector that does all the above and more. Hosted live in a dynamic, interactive environment where attendees can ask questions and dive into the details.

ByDesign Live Demo

See the ByDesign Live Demo. Register Here.

Friday @ 12:00 MDT


SAP Financials & Projects Demo

Register for the Financials & Projects Webinar Here

Register for the Financials & Projects Webinar Here

Friday @ 10am MDT

Financial Headaches Eased

Watch the live webinar & get your questions answered

Register today to participate in our weekly Projects and Financial demonstration to learn how SAP Business ByDesign can provide your organization the tools needed to make impactful business decisions based on real-time data. 

See how you can have the benefits of a large-scale business management solution without a large-scale effort.  Designed specifically for growing mid-sized companies, this software-as-a-service solution, hosted in the cloud and managed, monitored and maintained by SAP experts in world-class data centers, helps you focus on your business, not on IT.

Many businesses are managing projects with software that has little to no integration capabilities.  A major benefit of choosing SAP Business ByDesign is that it has the capability to integrate all of the processes and documents related to a project from planning all the way to execution.

The financial management capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign ERP solution help small and medium-size companies meet global reporting standards using real-time analytics.  Experience accelerated period-end closing processes and more efficient management of payables, receivables, inventory, and liquidity.