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Trailer Loading Shipments - Warehouse Management

The transit warehousing process supports planning and execution with trailers. Data that is received from SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is confirmed to all associated business documents across several document levels. This means that in addition to the freight order, the data is also confirmed to one or more trailer units and freight units.


Hello, today we're going to review trailer loading shipments and SAP Business ByDesign. Now we'll start by going to our outbound logistics work center. Work is simply going to create a new freight list. Now in creating this, we can start off by searching for specific deliveries, specific customers we're going to be shipping to or specific ship from locations just for some examples or we can simply say next and fill in this information as we go. So we'll start by filling in our freight forwarder sermon where we're shipping from. In this case, we'll select our main location, determine who we're shipping to, put our customer name, and then at our shipment date and you see several other things we can include here, such as Inco terms, declared value, cash on delivery, value and so on. And over time, once we get the information we can fill in our transport details such as our truck or trailer Id, who's loading it or who's shipping and counting it as well as our gross weight and volume. And, uh, lastly we want to add our specific deliveries. In this case we can make our selection. We'll just start with the one for now, can check our consensus consistency, make sure we have everything done

Next and now we'll finish this out. Now before the shipment actually goes out, we can always go back to our outbound logistics shipments. Here. We can review the shipment, make edits if we need to even add more deliveries to this freight list. So if we want to go ahead and send a another shipment or to out to the same customer, we can quickly add those, for example, and then ultimately we can release this out. Now if we want to get a preview of the waybill, see exactly what the documents going to look like. We can preview that here and that is a quick glimpse into the handling of trailer loading shipments in sap business by design. Thank you.