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Solutions for Apparel & Footwear

Why Apparel & Footwear Companies Run Better with Navigator

With SAP, your fast-moving apparel & footwear company can gain the competitive edge it needs.  With SAP, you can get the flexibility you need to boost responsiveness, improve order accuracy, better track inventory, enhance relationships with trading partners, all the while giving your company and your customers the options they need when it comes to color, size, and style management.  Everything from clothing to shoes, from handbags to accessories, SAP will give you the functionality you need.

  • Speed up order entry
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Ensure artwork and design compatibility
  • Enhance trading partner visibility with EDI integration
  • Better manage & forecast inventory
  • Analyze sales & inventory more efficiently and effectively


Navigator Apparel Matrix 1.0


A solution for SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One

Integrate and automate critical business processes for your Apparel & Footwear business 

As with the seasons, markets change and customers and suppliers are difficult to predict. You can be agile and ready to respond just as quickly when you have the real-time pulse of your business at your fingertips.  

With Matrix developed by Navigator, you will be able to manage your data at the end item level to streamline sales order entry, eliminating double entry of data while ensuring the delivery of the right product and controlling your inventories. 

Navigator’s Matrix delivers a vertical solution that helps companies in the apparel industry define inventory through a simple, user-friendly interface and seamlessly integrates that inventory into their SAP cloud-based ERP allowing easy access to company data, in real-time with familiar tools and reports.  

Key Benefits  

  • Speeds up order entry by 75% over traditional order entry methods
  • Generate sales orders from within the Matrix interface or within SAP Business ByDesign 
  • Matrix/Grid order entry with size, color & style that saves time entering and updating orders without looking up SKU's or entering them separately. 
  • Ensures size, color or style combinations are properly created and managed for independent inventory counts. 
  • Create a multitude of Item Master records with a Style and few Attribute (Size, Color, Pattern) parameters in a single step.
  • Full inventory planning visibility for all sizes, colors and styles. 

Key Features

  • Provides user definable attributes to allow for a flexible definition and creation of items such as style, color, size, fabric
  • Create Attribute Sets combinations to create a style groups/sets
  • Create additional information to attach to style groups/sets such as Brand, Collection, Season, HTS codes, Country of Origin and Material
  • Auto-generates Inventory Items based on style groups/sets
  • Enables grid entry by style groups (i.e., style, color, size) on Sales Orders
  • Enables grid-entry by style groups (i.e., style, color, size) on Purchase Orders


The Navigator user-friendly interface delivers an easy step by step process for entering product attributes. Through Matrix you can setup and assign a rich set of product identifiers 

Attributes (ie. Size, type, color) are anything that defines the product, like a collar style, boot size or product color. You can input as many attributes and descriptions as you desire for your product. 

Attribute set (ie. Shirts, socks, purses) is a collection of attributes that define a specific group of attributes used to define an item. 

When building out your product description, you have the option of including additional product information to provide a much richer representation of your products in the system.  

These additional informational sections include: 

  • Brands (ie. Nike, Ralph Lauren, Adidas)
  • HTS Codes (Industry Tariff Codes) 
  • Materials (ie. Cotton, Nylon, Plastic, Metal) 
  • Collections (ie. Men’s, Women’s, Children’s) 
  • Origins (ie USA, China, Japan) 
  • Seasons (ie. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

Want to see it in action?

"SAP has helped us to be more efficient in our supply chain and more accurate in our forecasting by fostering an environment that gets us to one consensus demand plan.”

 - VP, Supply Chain & Logistics  Under Armour 

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