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Quality Assurance Reporting - Quote to Cash

In general, quality control (QC) refers to activities performed by people who monitor processes and products throughout their lifecycle from initial design through final inspection. QC includes both internal controls — such as testing materials used in production — and external checks, which may include audits conducted by outside agencies.


Hello, today we're going to look at the quality module within SAP Business ByDesign, specifically focused on quality reporting. The reporting tool that's available out of box and by design is extremely robust. We're going to take a look at some of the very easy ways of looking at reports that are within the system and also managing our manipulating those reports by typing in quality. I'm going to get to my quality modules within bydesign. Now I have a couple of different things. If I had quality documents that I've created for my organization that I want to use as reporting tools, I can go in and I can create some new quality documents and load those into my library, but we're going to go under the quality control here and we're going to go down and look at the report lists that are available. One of the reports that's available to me as this inspection analysis.

We're going to go in and we're going to start this query and we're going to have the system run. The information that I have on this inspection analysis. I can manage and manipulate this data through views and as we can see here that I have different views that have been set up to be able to provide different ways of slicing and dicing this information. Now I also have the ability of going in and as we can see here, I can add many different types of data fields here on my rows and we can see that we can get down to a very, very granular level of who it was inspected by the date. We can look at the quantities. We can look at the priority product categories as we see here, so all of these pick lists that are available to you, our data points that can add and enhance existing reports that you have in the system. Now I can also do a custom report by creating these fields. As we can see here, maybe I want to be able to move this up, move this down, move it to a column across the top or put in some new key figures that we have down here at the bottom to be able to provide a very comprehensive report within the system. So that's the quality reporting module within business by design.