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Purchase Request - Purchase to Pay

A purchase requisition form is an internal document used by an employee to purchase goods or services on behalf of their firm. These purchases may be for business operations (such as office supplies), inventory, or manufacturing inputs.


Let's look at how purchase requests are reviewed and created within SAP Business ByDesign going over to my work centers, I'm going to go into purchase requests and orders and we're going to go into purchase requests. Here I have a complete list of all of the purchase requests that have been created. Now, purchase requests can be created in a couple of different ways. There can be a manual creation or I can have them created from projects and I can have them created from demand plans and supply planning, and it can also bypass the purchase request and go directly to a purchase order. Now here my list of purchase requests, let's look at it and look at a couple of the different tabs and areas within. I can see my basic data. My buyer that's responsible for this is Bill Warner, and here's my company information here and I have a price listed.


Going over to my price tab. I can see if there's any discounts that are associated with this purchase request. Once I close out of this area here, I can go in and now I can choose a couple of different things to be able to process this purchase request at any time. I can put authorizations and approval levels in place with these purchase requests, so a purchasing manager could take a look at the purchase request. If it's over a certain dollar volume. Now I can create a new purchase order directly from a purchase request and I can also do a quick order and the difference here is a quick order. If I know that everything is exactly correct, I can click quick order will automatically create that purchase order and send it through the system. I can also assign source of supply and I can bundle purchase request together into a single purchasing for volume or for doing once every week or once every month. I can also export this out to excel. Thank you for looking at how purchase orders are create. A purchase requests are created within sap business by design.