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Purchase Planning - Material Planning

Purchasing planning is necessary when managing inventory at any level within an organization. It includes everything from purchasing decisions made by managers to ordering processes carried out by warehouse staff. During the buying process, there are several factors that need to be considered such as source, price, quantity, and quality.


Hello, today we're going to review purchase planning and SAP Business ByDesign. Now we're starting off looking at our supply planning screen. This is just a list of any supply plans that we have in existence in this case. We've also narrowed it down via filter to MD products. Now when reviewing purchase planning, there are two ways we can look at it, one or simply items that are purchased and then resold another I items that are purchased for the purposes of production and that's what we're going, we're going to explore today. Uh, but regardless, the premise is the same. So we'll open up this production plan. Now we can select any of our various production requests and then select open material flow.

Under the material flow, we can see a hierarchy of a sales order, various production proposals, and under these production proposals are purchased proposals that sap business bydesign has made recommendations as far as items that need to be purchased in order to complete this production. Now from here we can make our selection and then open product planning details for any of these given products. Now as we look at the demand here, we can see various dependent demand, simply production orders that are calling for this product and then any corresponding purchase proposals and that the system is recommending to meet that demand. Now if we select any of these proposals, we can simply release these and then that will create a purchase requests that will be over in our purchase requests. Cute that we can then review prior to creating a purchase order and that at some very quick insight into purchase planning and sap business bydesign. Thank you.