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Purchase Order - Purchase to Pay

A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. A purchase order is an instruction for a supplier to deliver goods or provide service to a buyer.


Hello, today we're going to take a look at purchase orders within SAP Business ByDesign. I'm going to go down to the purchase request orders module within by design, so we can take a look at all of the available tasks that are within this work center. Let's go over to our overview page. For our purchase requests in purchase order work center here we can see purchase orders that have been recently changed. We can also see purchase orders that have not yet been finished and with acknowledgements required, that needs to be finished down here at the bottom, we can see purchase orders in a graphical format by month, which gives a nice visual for anyone who wants to be able to see the volume of reports that are going through the system. We can also go in and analyze this data and drill down deeper to find out more information about those purchase orders.

So let's go over here and look. Let's look at purchase orders within the system. So as I go in and I look at the purchase orders, I have the ability of looking at open tasks that are available now, but also using the dropdown menu. There's quite a lot of other options where I can see canceled, purchase orders, purchase orders, in preparation, purchase orders in the approval process, and whatever phase purchase orders are throughout the system of acknowledged, delivered or have been invoiced. Now the system can automatically set up purchase order creation runs, so if you define within the system and you want to define an automatic creation of purchase orders, this can then be triggered automatically when a purchase request gets sent over to become a purchase order. It can also trigger the approval process and you can have multiple levels of approval processes for your purchase orders based on the quantity or the amount or any combination of those that you choose.

Now going back into, let's go dive in and edit and take a look at this purchase order that we have open here and we can see all of that information that's been associated with this purchase order. I can look at the items that were being ordered here. I can also go over and I can see was there an approval process that this purchase order had to go through. I can then look at that document flow and I can see how this purchase order has been progressing through the system. So again, the system can automatically create purchase orders for you or you can create purchase orders on your own manually within the system.