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Logistics Tasks - Warehouse Management

From design to asset management, companies can provide a positive customer experience by integrating across traditionally siloed business areas that include R&D, manufacturing, supply chain planning, logistics, and aftersales service and maintenance.


For the next few minutes we're going through review of logistics task and SAP Business ByDesign. We'll start by going to our outbound logistics work center and some will take a look at our specific task. Now let's just this task are simply the various task based on our logistics models for the various shipments that we have, ready to go out the door. Now we're looking at this from a manager's point of view. Now with that in mind, we can re dispatch task, simply pushing it back to a prerelease status move task or assign responsibilities. For example, if we went to assign responsibility to this specific task, I can make our selection and now both in this case, bill and Edward will see their perspective task and their own tasks control once they log into their by design. Now, if we want to confirm any given task, we simply click confirm and from here we'll see the product that needs to be fulfilled with the open quantity is as well as any that have been shipped so far under actual quantity. This is suggesting that we ship eight. If we only have four, we simply make that change. If there is identified stock, we can make our selection here. Notice we can only pick from specific stock in this specific location which is available,

And once we're done, we simply need to save and if we have specific task that follow this pick task such as the one we're looking at, a, that subsequent task will then be popped up in this queue as a quick glimpse into logistics task in sap business bydesign. Thank you.