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Cycle Counting - Warehouse Management

In an ideal world, every item would be checked at least once per month. However, if you're running out of time for regular audits, then you might want to consider using a cycle counting system instead. A cycle count contrasts with a traditional physical inventory because a traditional physical inventory stops counting when an item has been removed from stock but a cycle count continues until everything has been accounted for.


Hello, today we're going to review cycle counting and SAP Business ByDesign. We'll start by going to our navigation pane. Now we're just going to search for physical inventory. Now we need to create a count. Now notice we have a couple options. We can count by logistics area or by a specific product. That's what we're going to do today. Now we can select exactly where we're counting and now we need to select our product. So we'll make a selection search for this. And now we just need to check the box. Hit next. Now we can see which products are included as well as what logistics area they're in. And we can see our task id here. Uh, now if we'd like, we can also assign a specific employee responsible. For example, Mark Smith here. Now we can finish.

Now we've created a successfully created our count. Now we ultimately need to execute this task. So we've now gone through our tasks control. Now we're logged in as a manager so we can see any task that are out there. This case, we have marks as market performs his count and he can confirm now this will give him the opportunity to add the number that we have. So if he counts 24, don't want to say too now he can simply finish and now he has successfully completed his task. He knows it will drop off his cue and that is a glimpse into cycle counting and sap business bydesign. Thank you.