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Campaigns - Lead to Quote

In this video, we demonstrate the Marketing and Sales Management functionality within SAP Business by Design which allows for lead generation, campaign creation, sales forecasting, quotation processing, and order entry.


Today we're going to look at campaigns within SAP Business ByDesign. Bob is going to create a new email phone campaign under the marketing work center. We're going to choose the campaign management screen on this campaign management screen. I can look at campaigns in many different ways. I can see active campaigns, active campaigns that have taken place this year, plan to campaigns or all campaigns this year, last year, or every campaign that is within business by design. Now, in looking down my list, I see that there is an active campaign for a fall winter promo, and if I wanted to copy this, I could and it would bring over all the existing data in this campaign into a new campaign. However, for today, I'm going to create a new campaign from scratch. We're going to call this our fall trade show and I'm going to choose my campaign type.

I have many different types that I can look at. I can do a direct email email using a file, export, a phone call using the export, but we're gonna use email with file export. We're going to start the campaign today and this is going to run through the end of October. Now I want to choose my target group. I have many different target groups that have been associated to all of my customers within business by design, but for this campaign, I'm going to send this out to customers with email addresses that I have in the system. Now I can also add additional information if I choose that ad's relevance to my campaign and I can also add attachments and for this campaign I am going to attach a file, so I'm going to go in and browse my list and I'm going to look at the file that makes sense to be able to attend, be attached to this campaign and add that on in.

Now, by clicking the view all I have a couple of different areas that I can look at. I can look at my response options that I'm going to give these customers three different options. I'm going to say yes. We're also going to allow them to come back and say no, and then for their third choice we're going to allow them to say, maybe now I can look at the execution details and as those responses coming back, come back in, I can look at the response details directly within this campaign. I can now execute and by executing I can see that I can quickly download the list of customers that have been associated with this campaign and show all of the emails that are going to go out. I'm going to get out of this and go back into my main campaign management screen by hitting the refresh button. You'll see that now my fall trade show is the top of the list for my active campaigns. Thank you very much for listening today to the marketing campaign demonstration.