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Automated Drop Shipping - Material Planning

Dropshipping is the practice of selling products online without having any inventory yourself. You sell items directly from another company’s store instead of keeping them for sale yourself. The aim is to eliminate mundane or repetitive tasks from your workflow so that you can spend time focusing on things like marketing and customer service.


Hello, for the next few minutes we're going to explore automated drop shipping in SAP Business ByDesign. Now we'll start by simply creating a new sales order with a item that will be then drop shipped and then follow that process through the automated purchase order being sent out to the supplier. So to start off with, we'll go to a new sales order, enter in the same customer information that we may have seen in some other videos. Oh, going down to the items. Look for in Lsa, open in a mattress here. Now this gives us the option to assign sources apply. If this is internal fulfillment, we can leave it as is, or in this case we're utilizing a drop ship, so we're going to say Omega sending out to an external provider. Now we'll submit this order. Now we have our system set up so that it will first initiate a purchase request. This just gives us one more level of control. We can quickly initiate a new purchase order. This gives us the chance to review things one more time, make sure the price is correct, was willing to go ahead and place our order now. Once created, that purchase order document will be sent to the supplier who will then ultimately fulfilled it, fulfill this order, and then can send that information back to us if required.

That was a quick overview of automated drop shipping and sap business bydesign. Thank you.