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Warehouse Management System

for SAP Business One 

What is a WMS?

Navigator Business Solutions’ Loxodo Warehouse Management System (WMS) is specifically built to extend SAP Business One ERP through your warehouse to organize, optimize and streamline the end-to-end processes and visibility into your organization.

How does a Warehouse Management System (WMS) help companies increase their profitability? If you think about it, the warehouse is the nerve center of a wholesale distribution company.   The company exists to buy and sell inventory and to do it in such a way as to produce a profit. 

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system the world has focused for years on efficiently handling accounting transactions, getting Purchase Orders and Sales Orders entered and processed, integrating with Planning and Forecasting systems, and connecting to the e-Commerce and EDI worlds.   If you think about it, for the last 30 years there has been a focus on making everything that surrounds the warehouse more efficient, and not enough time looking inside the warehouse to see how to make it more efficient.

Whether you are installing your first WMS or upgrading to a new solution, it is important to match the features and functions of the solution
to your warehouse needs and the ever-changing needs of your customers and trading partners.   

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Warehouse Mangement Solution for SAP Business One


How will SAP Business One & WMS optimize my warehouse? 

  • Increase Productivity
  • Decrease Cycle Times
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Decrease Picking/Shipping Errors
  • Increase Warehouse Space Utilization

A WMS like loxodo-logo-400.200-min, delivers the tools for your warehouse team to have the right product, at the right place, at the right time - providing your business the needed agility to meet ever changing customer demands.



Watch this Loxodo WMS Overview Video

Can you accurately answer these questions? Are these some challenges your warehouse is facing? 

  • How much cash is tied up in inventory? 
  • How is your inventory turning?
  • Can you ship what you are selling?
  • Does your Sales Team know what is available, sold or pending, in real-time?
  • How productive are your people?
  • Are deliveries and orders being processed accurately? 
  • Do you have the right stock in the right place to handle your volume?

Loxodo WMS and SAP Business One have solved our clients' common pain points:

  • Processes that are Out of date and don’t match customer’s requirements
  • “Special Programs” / Workarounds that create more work
  • Missed orders
  • Incorrect stock shipped on orders
  • Undocumented Broken/lost inventory
  • Returns handling
  • Difficulty handling Sales Kitting
  • Physical Inventory are not matching the system
  • Just doesn’t integrate well with their ERP (On-Prem, Cloud Hosted, or SAP HANA)


SAP Business One Solution

Benefits of a Comprehensive WMS Integration with SAP Business One
  • Seamless business process integration
  • Complete connectivity 
  • Full data synchronization between SAP Business One and Loxodo WMS
  • Centralized data access and management
  • Reduced cost from maintaining a single system
  • Less duplication and improved data quality by having master data in a single location
  • More employee trust in business data

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Loxodo WMS Fast Facts

Designed to help distribution and manufacturing companies compete leveraging an effective and efficient warehouse:

  • Public Cloud, Multi-Tenant
  • Browser-Based + Android App
  • Quick to Set Up, Easy To Learn, Rapid Time to Value
  • Flexible Four-level warehouse structure
  • Logistics Handling Unit/License Plate Support
  • Task-Based, Directed Activities
  • Multiple Picking Strategies 
    • Single Order
    • Multi-Order
    • Wave
    • Zone
    • Truck Routes
  • Balances Deep Functionality with East of Use
  • Shipping Integration
  • Embedded Label Printing
  • Serial and Batch/Lot Tracking
  • Catch / Variable Weights
  • Out of the Box Performance Analytics

Our Solutions share the same database, so it’s all directly integrated. There is no chance of data getting out of sync.

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