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69% of midsize wholesale distributors agree that new technologies provide a competitive advantage

Cloud ERP for Wholesale Distributors helps solve the following pain points:

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Are orders constantly being lost and sent to the wrong locations? 

Broken Communication

Lack of an integrated system isn't allowing for your departments, warehouses, and distribution centers to have real-time visibility into what's happening in multiple places, at multiple levels. 

Pricing Errors

Incorrect pricing is causing items to be priced too-low which leads to lower-profit margins and eating into profit. 

Workflow Issues

Wrong processes and orders being backlogged results in unhappy customers, canceled orders, and overall loss of revenue. 


Understanding Warehouse Optimization with Navigator Business Solutions

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Run a more efficient warehouse

Warehouse optimization has historically been a challenge for businesses since it is impacted by a host of external forces including partner relationships, logistics, technology and the state of the global economy.

Modernization and the acceleration of the transition to a digital economy has brought new additional challenges, too.

That rapid expansion of e-commerce, along with the emergence of multi-channel and omni-channel distribution systems, requires a different approach to warehouse management. Other factors such as the globalization of supply chain networks, the growing popularity of micro-fulfillment centers, and the rise of autonomous mobile robots along with increased demand for same-day and next-day delivery is pushing warehouse management in new directions.

This guide serves as an introduction for Understanding Warehouse Optimization, and both how and where businesses should be using it today for more efficient warehouse management.


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Worldwide, midsize wholesale distributors are facing disruptions that are fundamentally challenging how they run and grow.

Best-run midsize wholesale distributors are integrating technology into their organization to overcome these significant obstacles. . . 

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