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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Supply Chain Management

SAP ERP for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Building an efficient supply chain network is critical to responding quickly to changing markets. SAP Business ByDesign delivered by Navigator Business Solutions lets your company forecast demand and manage supply for optimal material flow. Incorporate flexible warehouse and manufacturing functions to fit your products and business model. Navigator Business Solutions brings more than ten years of industry best practices, experience to your supply chain improvements working with you to understand your unique business needs to help design your supply chain model with insight into your mix of resources and production types and implementing task automation to reflect how you do business.

Cloud ERP is all about visibility & efficient operations

Meeting both customer demand for flawless order fulfillment and management expectations for operational efficiency requires a complete grasp of operational variables. Cloud-based ERP serves as a complete software solution for tracking and adjusting operational activity at your firm, as well as seeing external variables such as supplier availability and current customer demand, in real-time. The ability to track, adjust and automate operational and supply chain business processes is central for optimizing operations and delivering correct order fulfillment on time, every time, even in the face of factors outside your control.



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Why Supply Chains Run Better with Navigator

Your real-world supply chain modeling is more in line with how you do business. 

The SAP Business ByDesign solution lets you model your supply chain through two different views: a view of the extended supply chain network – from supplier to customer – and a view of the internal site, such as the layout of a warehouse or production site. This allows you to improve and adapt business processes and effectively plan your make-or-buy decisions. Third Party Application integration support allows you to easily transfer information for use across all supply chain activities. For example, you can model and manage the material flow between warehouse and manufacturing as an integrated process, whether the activities involve consumption-based replenishment or removal from production.


You can achieve on-time production of customer orders.

In SAP Business ByDesign, a common production model enables full integration between supply chain planning and control and manufacturing execution. ByDesign supports different levels of granularity within planning and execution – for example, planning based on machine groups rather than execution by a single machine. Your planners benefit from demand and supply visibility across the entire supply chain, enabling them to provide on-time production of customer orders.


Your production models reflect local shop-floor reality.

With SAP Business ByDesign, you can maintain your manufacturing models independently of your organizational structure. This modeling helps you focus on an appropriate manufacturing strategy in the most flexible way. You can build a manufacturing model to serve as the basis for creating the production proposal and production order. You can build the manufacturing model out of reusable building blocks called production segments, which define the bill of material and bill of operations that are to be used to manufacture the intermediate and final products. Within the production segment, you can specify when each material is to be used. Within the bill of operations, you can define which manufacturing resources must be used during production and how long each activity will take. ByDesign supports multimode manufacturing by providing flexible supply chain modeling for various industries and production environments. With this flexibility, you can combine different production types such as discrete or process manufacturing.


You can achieve symmetry and synchronization in execution.

SAP Business ByDesign helps you with a common layout for modeling manufacturing and warehouse processes. This improves the flexibility of your operations and allows you to optimize and simplify your procedures. As a result, your company can execute tasks within production and warehousing in similar ways and easily complete these tasks within the factory, within the warehouse, or within both.


Consider the Scope

Supply chain design
  • Location management
  • Planning area management
  • Supply chain network design
  • Warehouse and production layout


Production model management
  • Bill of material management
  • Bill of operation management
  • Segment management


Resource management
  • Equipment, labor, and vehicle
  • Resource management


Supply Chain Planning and Control

With the SAP Business ByDesign solution, your planners can efficiently manage supply and demand and ensure optimal material flow, while considering capacity constraints. In addition, an exception-driven approach in ByDesign – with built-in analytics and alerts – helps your planners focus on high-priority tasks. They can plan and consolidate procurement requirements, create feasible production plans, and determine and confirm realistic delivery dates.

What You Can Do
  • Demand planning
  • Demand management and order confirmation
  • Supply planning
  • Exception monitoring and control
  • Supply and logistics control



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