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Client Success Story:

CeloNova BioSciences

A Medical Device Organization

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Partnering with Navigator for increased
tracking, efficiency, and compliance.

After a previous and unsuccessful attempt in deploying a full-scale management solution, CeloNova Biosciences sought the aid of Navigator to bring clarity and a stronger sense of effectiveness to their organization. With ongoing full-scale support, mixed with the strongest business management software available, CeloNova was able to increase efficiency while mitigating cost.

“Overall, with the help of Navigator consultants, we’ve reduced our work probably on average 30% within the finance department alone.”
- Leah Peene Business Analyst at CeloNova BioSciences

Download the Client Success Story

Sending Med Device Companies in the Right Direction

Navigator’s cloud-based solutions powered by SAP help medical device companies just like yours achieve operational and financial excellence while strengthening collaboration with suppliers and customers. We are a perennial award-winning organization with over 500 implementations worldwide. Our cloud-based, integrated applications will manage your operations like never before.

Although CeloNova was able to successfully penetrate the medical device industry with a valued product line, the need to manage their growing business with greater transparency and efficiency was apparent. CeloNova looked to Navigator to bridge that gap with the complete command of an end-to-end software management platform.

Partnering with the Navigator services team, CeloNova BioSciences was able to quickly and fully integrate SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud-based, real-time ERP solution, to manage their operations functionally and compliantly.


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CeloNova Biosciences is a global medical
device company that develops, manufactures, and markets a family of products based upon its novel Polyzene F technology for patients with cardiovascular disease.

“We can run reports upside down, inside out, any way you want it, you can get a report to tell you what the numbers
look like. We now have all the information in one system – from CRM to the end of finance, we have tracking on everything we need.”



Using Navigator’s SAP Solution, CeloNova now can:

  • Align internal and external manufacturing, compliantly.
  • Manage development, collaboration, and R&D costs.
  • Enjoy faster market introduction of new devices.