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SAP Analytics Cloud

All Your Business Data - Beautifully Displayed

Companies of all sizes need to tap into actionable, real-time insights, instead of using static data to test potential scenarios, you can combine real-time structured and unstructured data to find the best strategies for advancing emerging opportunities and mitigating risks.



Top Business Challenges:

  • Inability to access and share timely, relevant, and trustworthy information
  • Decisions are made based on outdated information
  • Reliance on IT department to provide reports and data
  • Limited access to information

Ask yourself:

  • What KPI’s do you track and measure? What are you missing?
  • How do you change data into decisions today?
  • How are you preparing for the future? What does you forecast look like?

Top Reasons to Choose SAP Analytics Cloud:

  •  SAP Analytics Cloud is the only modern SaaS solution for all-analytics capabilities
  •  A Solution to connect every user across your entire organization from boardroom to frontline
  •  Blend cloud data and on-premise data without the time and expense of moving it
  •  Future proofed, enterprise-grade analytics supporting Internet of Things / Big Data use cases
  • Automated smart insights to identify correlations and scale thousands of predictive models


What you'll gain with SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Plan the future by forecasting based on real time data pulled from multiple sources
  • Automatically spot trends with cloud analytics built in machine learning technology
  • Increase data accuracy and user confidence with real time data
  • Delivers a 360 degree view of your business without having to bury yourself in the details unless you want to
  • Streamline decision making at the CXO level without having to drill into all the details
  • Ability to quickly steer your company forward using real time tools
  • Manage processes, reduce risk, and improve vendor and contract management keeping costs at a minimum
  • Quickly set up user friendly dashboards with the integrated product content library including end to end business content packages to help get started
  • Equip C level executives with a single source of truth for steering the company through real time contextual information and ad-hoc analysis capabilities
  • Interact with your analytics on the go and answer business questions from anywhere with real time information via the Analytics Cloud Mobile App.
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