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Why B2C & DTC Companies Run Better with Navigator

Today’s Consumer Product companies are at the center of a quickly evolving mix of sales channels Wholesale, B2C and DTC. They are balancing the challenges of a dramatic increase in demand and rapidly changing expectations from channel partners and direct consumers.

To support these more complex demands, companies need to adopt the right-sized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to streamline key business processes such as logistics, transportation, warehousing, and e-Commerce while providing real time analytics anytime, anywhere.

These companies face a constantly developing marketplace with evolving competition pressures including automated electronic ordering, expanding digital marketplaces and integrations. How a company deals with these pressures will often provide them with differentiation and innovation as key elements in delivering on customer’s expectations.

With continually expanding and complicated supply chains and sales channels, Consumer Product organizations must to improve processes to positively impact sales volumes and scale - simply put - they must adapt or get out of the way.

Want to See SAP Business ByDesign in Action?

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete, cloud-based ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market businesses and subsidiaries that want to scale without the complexity and unnecessary cost.

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Navigator Business Solutions offers a complete solution for Consumer Product organizations like yours, looking to break free of the disconnected business systems that are holding them back from reaching their aspirational objectives. The Consumer Product Industry has rapidly morphed and changed shape, now takes many form;, from the more traditional channel-focused Business-to-Consumer model through and to Direct-to-Consumer operations.

Consumer Product companies partner with Navigator for ERP solutions that meet them where they are; with the purpose-built, suite-in-a-box business software needed to accomplish their ambitious goals. The platform is built on SAP Business ByDesign (SAP’s only true cloud based ERP) enhanced with industry vertical content and functionality that enable companies to optimize their supply chain, manage their cash, comply with business and industry requirements, improve forecast accuracy, and drive overall operational efficiency.  

 Simply put, the solution delivers the tools needed for employees throughout the company (warehouse, finance, and sales), to have the right product, at the right place, at the right time, When and Where the Customer wants to buy - enabling them to meet ever-changing demands regardless of which channel delivers that next order.

Solution Highlights: 
  • Multi-Channel Ready System of Record
  • Financials and Analytics
  • Multi-Company, multi-country, multi-currency out of the box
  • Manage complex supply chains
  • Embedded support for Third-Party Logistics and Third-Party Order Fulfillment
  • 70 End-to-End Integration Scenarios
  • 277 Open Web Services
  • Pre-built, Industry based Reports Package
  • Navigator i-connect support for multiple ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon and eBay
  • Navigator i-connect support for multiple EDI partners including CommerceHub via SPS Commerce and DI Central
  • Navigator Usability Suite support for multiple credit card gateways including: Authorize.net, Stripe, PayflowPro, USAePay, and CyberSource
  • Navigator E-Suite support for mulple shipping solutions including Pacejet, ShippingEasy and iBol
  • Commodity Pricing, Trade and Promotion Pricing as well as an Apparel Matrix
  • Loxodo WMS and data collection
  1. Support for European Data Privacy requirements GDPR/EU-DSGVO
  2. SAP localization support for 22 countries, per-localization support for 18 countries
  3. Natively Multi-GAAP
  4. Embedded SoD conflict reporting
  • A single configurable platform that allows for adjustment at every stage of the business life cycle
  • End to End Traceability
  • Suite-In-A-Box covering every aspect of your business, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, RMA, CRM
  • Better decision making with real-time information and Analytics
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Scalability
  • True Cloud platform: accelerated implementation and Lower Total Cost of Ownership
How will Navigator help?

SAP has been a trusted solution partner to Consumer Product companies for decades. Navigator Business Solutions uses the SAP Business ByDesign platform to deliver an affordable, best practices-based ERP solution using its accelerated implementation methodology.   This solution meets Consumer Product companies (B2C or DTC) where they are with an SAP technology that will scale with them all at a speed that enables a digital transformation with minimal disruption.

 SAP Business ByDesign delivered by Navigator Business Solutions provides a comprehensive yet flexible solution for local and global Consumer Product companies, supporting the unique needs of each organization and offering excellent business process fit, out of the box.

 The SAP Business ByDesign platform provides out of the box business processes that can be quickly and easily adapted to a company’s unique needs using its comprehensive configurability, built in usability tools and ready to integrate open web services architecture. The concept of “click not code” eliminates the needs for expensive and difficult to maintain customizations. SAP’s continuous innovation on their advanced cloud platform virtually future proofs the application platform for organizations of any size and life stage.

 SAP Business ByDesign is a Suite in a Box that provides the distinct planning and operational needs of Consumer Product companies – including demand and supply chain planning, returns management,  warehousing (WMS) financial visibility, analytics, and quality management.

Client Success Story

“I think cloud ERP’s have a unique set of advantages versus older, on-premise systems,” he says. “They are well-suited to ecommerce brands, direct brands, and provides all the multi-language, multi-currency functionality we wanted without a lot of the legacy processes more suited to brick-and-mortar."

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Ulion Riebe
Head of Finance at Rothy's

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