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Customer/Vendor Portal Integrations for SAP ERP Solutions

Connect your customer/vendors with their  information when they want it.

Streamline your operations, save time, and empower your customers 

What are the benefits of a customer portal integration with your SAP ERP solution?

  •  Improved customer experience: Customers can access order status, track shipments, view invoices, and manage accounts independently, reducing reliance on customer service.
  •  Increased efficiency: Automates tasks like order tracking and invoice inquiries, freeing up internal resources for other activities.
  •  Enhanced communication: Provides a single platform for communication, simplifying interactions and improving transparency.
  •  Data accuracy: Real-time data access ensures customers have the latest information, leading to fewer errors and disputes.
  •  Reduced costs: Eliminates manual tasks and improves operational efficiency, saving time and money.
SAP ERP integrated with Customer Portals

Our Customer Portal Integration Partners

Explore Experlogix Digital Commerce Platform and Applications Platform Client Portals integrations.

Experlogix Digital Commerce Platform

When you want an out-of-the-box portal.

The Experlogix Digital Commerce Customer Portal is an award-winning, cloud-based SaaS solution that offers your customers the convenience of online self-service 24/7, 365 days a year.

This out-of-the-box implementation will streamline and automate your sales and customer support processes and allow your customers to order directly into your ERP system, anytime and anywhere.

ERP + customer portal integration benefits:

  •  Real-time ERP integration
  •  Streamline and automate business processes
  •  Reduce customer service costs
  •  Improve customer service experience
  •  Provide 24/7 customer self-service

Applications Platform Client Portals

When you want a portal platform that can be customized to your unique needs. 

Applications Platform provides you with fully integrated B2B portal software and Product Information Management solutions to transform your business.

  •  Improve productivity
  •  Increase company revenue
  •  Reduce development costs
  •  Reduce risk

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