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Application Platform | Customer & Vendor Portals

Provide your customers with the information they need when they need it with prebuilt, customisable web portal templates that can easily integrate with business systems and websites and replicate the look and feel of your business.


Customer Portals & Product Information Management (PIM)

When you are looking for a highly customizable portal to meet your unique business needs, the Application Platform provides you with an enterprise low-code application development platform so that you can go to market quicker and see results faster. 

What are the benefits of ERP integrated with a customer portal:

  •  Accessible - flexible template to create your portal quickly
  •  Intuitive UX - take the complexity away by using the quick create wizard walk through
  •  Rapid - retrieve data sets from within portals no matter the size 
  •  Scalable - peace fo mind knowing that your portal can cope with any volume of users
  •  Affordable - one price, unlimited possibilities
  •  Customizable - custom CSS styles, replicate your organization's branding and business processes
  •  Mobile ready - develop web portals that work instantly, on any device, in any location
  •  PaaS - fully hosted environment for  you to quickly and easily build your portal


Customer Portals, Applications Platform

See the Customer Portal & Product Information Management (PIM) in action

Watch this 50-minute executive demonstration we cover the benefits of a fully integrated Client/Supplier Portal and PIM system in your SAP ERP system.


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