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Client Success Story:

Ember Technologies Success Story

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With the goal of expanding their products to 27 countries, Ember Technologies needed a solution that would let them scale quickly and internationally.

Listen to the success story here. Presented by Slate and SAP.



This podcast is brought to you by Slate Studios and SAP.

How do you know when to seize the moment for growth? When your opportunity arrives, you need to be ready. From expanding into new markets to hiring business leaders face so many tough decisions.

My name is Brooke Clark. I'm the VP of Business Transformation and Strategy at Ember Technologies, a temperature control brand.

In 2016, Ember launched its core product, the Ember mug. The feeling of drinking out of an Ember mug is like nothing else. The copier tea will maintain that exact temperature for the entire length of your drinking experience.

Since then, the company learned how to pivot and grow in unexpected ways, and with SAP tools, they knew they were ready. A few years ago, Ember had an opportunity to launch our products with a global electronics retailer.

The tricky part of it was that we would be expanding to 27 countries around the world. It was a massive undertaking, not just due to hitting launch dates and timelines, but also given the intricacies of meeting product compliance in all those new countries. We only had a few months to prepare for this rapid growth.

We had to very quickly make changes on a fundamental level with our systems, our e-commerce, all of the integrations, and the cloud-based systems that we put in place in order to facilitate the expansion into 27 countries have continued to benefit us to this day.

In order to be ready, you have to have the right processes in place so that when the moment presents itself, you can seize that moment.

Ember Technologies seizes the moment for growth.

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