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8 Reasons To Choose Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP from SAP

CFO's Guide

How are you handling EDI releases against forecast for your various customers?

iConnect Map

Does SAP ByDesign & Business One connect with your current 3rd party software?

What Is ERP?

How are you handling EDI releases against forecast for your various customers?


Cloud applications of Enterprise Resource Planning have several advantages over on-premise applications. Get an overview of SAP's cloud ERP application for Small to Medium Sized businesses.

One complete business suite, delivered in the cloud, and built from the ground up to connect your entire company
Clear, simple, monthly pricing per user that won’t increase over the life of your contract
High-touch, rapid implementation with the most successful SAP partner
Embedded "best practice" business processes ready to use right out of the box
Embedded analytics throughout the entire solution delivered right out of the box
24/7 Support to match your needs
New features—without new fees—four times a year
Scalable from 5-1,000 users without a new contract

About Navigator Business Solutions

Navigator Business Solutions has been the top SAP Cloud Partner for nearly a decade. We implement SMB cloud ERP software with competence, experience, and care.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Integrated Solutions
  • 3PL, Tax, eCommerce, Shipping, and Many Other Integrations
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Worldwide Integrating

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