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Rediscover SAP - Cloud ERP Solutions for Growth-focused Companies

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

Are you running on old software? Have you considered moving to modern ERP

Don't be a naysayer! Digitally transform your business into an intelligent enterprise by adding a future-proof SAP ERP solution to your consideration list.



Common Misconceptions about SAP

SAP is only for large enterprise

SAP has a range of solutions tailored for your size of organization, whether your small, midsize, or a larger organization.

SAP is too complex

Only integrate with the functions your business needs. SAP offers future-proof solutions that grow as your business evolves. 

SAP is slow to implement

With predefined solutions, best practices, and cloud offerings, many companies experience smoother and quicker implementations than before.

SAP for a lot less zeros

SAP ERP at a cost that has a lot less zeros after the dollar sign ($) then you are thinking.

The cloud is less powerful

SAP's cloud solutions offer added benefits of flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. 

Get to know the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition Solution

Comprehensive end-to-end business processes delivered by preconfigured best-practices and industry-specific scenarios. 

SAP S4 Business Benefits


Optimize your financial management processes – from accounts payable and receivable to expense and tax compliance.
  •   Accounting and financial close 
  •   Receivables and payables management
  •   Cost management and profitability analysis
  •   Treasury and working capital management
  •   Governance risk and compliance


Modernize your procurement processes across your business to enhance purchasing power and drive sustainable savings. 
  • Operational procurement
  • Supplier management
  • Central invoice management
  • Procurement analytics


Retain customers for life by providing a smooth, personalized after-sales experience that anticipates and meets the needs of any channel.
  • Sell, deliver, bill, and onitor a combination of physical goods and services
  • Sell from stock and sell services
  • Convergent and external billing
Create a simple and smooth path to project delivery to give your clients a value-as-a-service experience and outperform your competitors.
  • After-sales services with service contracts, service deliveries, and billing with cost-controlling and revenue recognition
  •   Combine sales and services as packaged solution offerings
Transform your manufacturing operations with the latest manufacturing capabilities from ERP software delivered through the cloud. 
  • Material requirements planning with demand-driven and/or predictive MRP
  •   Make-to-stock and make-to-order
  •   Quality management
  •   Environment, health, and safety
Project Management/R&D
  •   Product compliance
  •   Project management/control
  •   Advanced variant configuration
  •   PLM including change record and bill of materials (BOM) management
Asset Management


  • Reactive and proactive maintenance
  • Resource scheduling for maintenance planner
  • Enhanced collaboration and review
Supply Chain/Logistics
Drive your supply chain to meet customer expectations while increasing profits and improving sustainability performance.
  •   Warehouse management
  •   Core inventory management 
  •   (Advanced) ATP processing
  •   Transportation management
  •   Logistics cross-topic (batch serial number, handling unit, business process scheduling)
Extensions and Integrations


Maximize your growing business’s efficiency and productivity with a cloud ERP platform and integration capabilities.

  •   Extensibility and integrations
  •   Embedded analytics 
  •   Situation handling
  •   Responsibility management
  •   Data protection and privacy

Keep reading below to see our different extension options. 

Have a plan to expand? Build on a future-proof solution you won't outgrow.

As your business grows, SAP ERP solutions grow with you. Solve as many problems with one solution delivered by Navigator Business Solutions. Take a look at these SAP solution extensions. 


SAP Digital Manufacturing

Sustainable, risk-resilient manufacturing is here. Optimize production by integrating execution, visibility, and analysis.

SAP Digital Manufacturing solution is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that supports sustainable, risk-resilient manufacturing operations through a resource-efficient Industry 4.0 approach.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Visibility across the top floor and shop floor
  • Powerful key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics
  • Precision execution of production processes
  • Improved operator productivity with machine learning for visual inspection

SAP Extended Warehouse Management 

With SAP EWM you can keep pace with demand, minimize your costs, and maintain sustainable, risk-resilient warehouse operations.

A modern warehouse must respond quickly to changing business conditions. With our modern, flexible warehouse management system (WMS), you can manage a high volume of goods and run sustainable, risk-resilient operations with digitalized warehouse processes in the cloud.

  • Comprehensive warehouse solution
  • Fully integrated quality, production, and track-and-trace processes
  • Direct control of warehouse automation equipment
  • Intelligent slotting rules to optimize space utilization

SAP Field Service Management

Digitalize field service and optimize operations while reducing environmental impact, supporting sustainability efforts through efficient service delivery.

  • Improve first-time fix rates with mobile technology and AI-based recommendations to find the right technician for the job and confirm parts availability
  • Accelerate service execution and keep customers informed with integrated processes and intuitive technician collaboration
  • Increase satisfaction and cut field service costs by boosting productive time, streamlining dispatch, and making timely decisions based on real-time data

Employee Expense Management - SAP Concur Expense

When your business automates and integrates expense management, you can capture spending from multiple sources, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate data, reimburse employees more quickly, and simplify the expense reporting process for everyone.

  • See all of your expense data in one place
  • Configure settings to your business needs
  • Easily enforce and change spending policies
  • Automatically capture receipts and process reports

Spend Management and Supply Chain Services - SAP Ariba 

Automate spending processes and actively manage more spend for better control, greater value, and more savings.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of spend - Achieve a more unified view of your company’s spending to reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve collaboration, and make sure every spend decision is aligned with your business strategy to help drive your business forward.
  • Achieve end-to-end business process integration - Implement seamless spend management processes within each spend category, integrated with your back-end systems, pay processes, and partners to deliver optimal visibility, control, and savings.
  • Choose powerful solutions for today and the future - Solve business issues by capturing, analyzing, and sharing spend data to achieve fast savings and ROI with market-leading solutions that can scale and grow with your company today and wherever it goes tomorrow.


What is SAP_S4HANA_Cloud_R

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, Public Edition is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. S/4HANA Cloud helps companies adopt new business models, manage business change at speed, orchestrate internal and external resources, and use the predictive power of AI. 

Who is S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition best suited for?

  •   A strategic growth plan
  •   A growing workforce/business expansion
  •   An eye towards growth, even heading for the $1 billion mark
  •   A move to intelligent enterprise through digital transformation
  •   Replace old/disconnected/underpowered systems
  •   A move from error-prone, manual processes to automated processes


If your company is not in the Fortune 1000, this is the solution for you.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition - User Interface / User Experience Demo

Watch this quick overview demo and get a inside look at the S/4HANA Cloud solution.


Industries We Serve

Growth-focused organizations come to Navigator Business Solutions when they find their ability to grow and or adapt is being limited by their current business processes and systems. 


Manufacturing companies need to have a comprehensive view of their operations, including financials, production management, and supply chain management. Meet demand with automated and flexible manufacturing operations.

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Consumer Product Manufacturers
  • Industrial Product Manufacturers
  • Life Sciences Manufacturers


The scope of distribution companies has expanded rapidly in the last few years; adding to the challenges of the supply chain, logistics, warehouse, inventory, and the list goes on. Each link in the distribution supply chain is critical to delivering the goods and services demanded by the end consumer.

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC)

Emerging Companies

Research and development (R&D) companies can benefit from implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) by improving project management, enhancing collaboration, streamlining supply chain management, improving compliance, and better tracking and reducing costs.



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