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Field Service Management

Harness the power of digital to transform your field service. Streamline operations, reduce environmental impact, and deliver sustainable service excellence.

Utilize FSM software for fast and effective issue resolution

Resolve customer issues faster with comprehensive, proactive, AI-enabled field service management software from SAP.

What is SAP Field Service Management?

Imagine technicians arriving on time, equipped with the right tools and knowledge, thanks to the magic of field service software. This digital conductor orchestrates schedules, resources, and communication, leaving customers singing with praise and businesses dancing with increased productivity and reduced costs.


Manage high-volume warehouse operations

With powerful field service software from SAP, you can connect processes and data to make better decisions that minimize risks while reducing costs.

  •   No more second visits. AI-powered technician matching and parts confirmation = fewer headaches, higher first-time fix rates.
  •   Keep customers in the loop, every step of the way. Integrated processes and intuitive collaboration for a smooth, stress-free service experience.
  •   Turn time into dollars. Optimized dispatch, boosted technician productivity, and real-time data insights unlock cost savings and customer satisfaction.



Want to see the S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition in action?

S/4 HANA Cloud Public Edition is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. 

What are the benefits of digitalized Field Service Management?

Deliver exceptional customer service with our field service software. Improve first-time fix rates, shorten response times, and boost customer satisfaction.

AI-Based Schedule Optimization

Free your team from routine tasks. AI automates workflows, optimizes staffing, and simplifies scheduling for a smoother service experience.

Long-cycle scheduling

Turn complex projects into achievable goals. Our approach breaks down long-term work into clear milestones, maximizing resource efficiency and keeping stakeholders engaged.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Empower on-the-go decisions. Our mobile tools fuel agility, drive customer satisfaction, and help your field team conquer market changes.

Crowd Services

Break down geographical barriers. AI-powered service expands your local workforce, delivering real-time expertise anywhere, anytime.

Self-Service Tools and Chatbots

Leverage self-service tools and chatbots to expedite issue resolution. Provide accurate information on issue description and location throughout the process.

Augmented Reality and Remote Assistance

Empower your technicians, and wow your customers. AR and remote support unlock expert guidance and faster fixes.


Build First-Class Field Service Operations
By optimizing field service operations and helping customers keep equipment up and running, you can build trust and long-lasting relationships.
Explore the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition Solution
Enterprises need the agility to adopt new business models, gain efficiencies, and transform mission-critical systems to drive sustainable growth with the help of SAP cloud solutions.

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