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Employee Expense Management

Explore SAP Concur Expense, Employee Expense Management

Unleash your financial data, empower your budget

Unleash efficiency across your business – automated spending keeps things running like clockwork, no matter where, when, or what.

SAP Concur Expense

When your business automates and integrates expense management, you can capture spending from multiple sources, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate data, reimburse employees more quickly, and simplify the expense reporting process for everyone.

  •  See all of your expense data in one place
  •  Configure settings to your business needs
  •  Easily enforce and change spending policies
  •  Automatically capture receipts and process reports
With SAP EWM you can keep pace with demand, minimize your costs, and maintain sustainable, risk-resilient warehouse operations.

Beyond budgeting: Optimizing your finances, one smart penny at a time

When you automate your spend management system, back-office processes are faster, you avoid errors, and you can track every expense. Best of all? Employees are reimbursed faster, and they don’t waste time sorting through paper receipts to fill out expense reports.


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Want to see the S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition in action?

S/4 HANA Cloud Public Edition is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. 

What are the benefits of Employee Expense Management?

SAP Concur Expense Management offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can help businesses save money, improve compliance, and boost employee productivity.

Cost savings

Automate manual processes, reduce errors, and streamline expense reporting, leading to significant cost reductions

Improved compliance

Ensure compliance with company policies and government regulations through automated workflows and policy enforcement

Increases visibility and control

Gain real-time insights into employee spending, allowing businesses to identify and address areas of overspending or compliance risk

Enhanced productivity

Simplify expense reporting for employees, saving them time and frustration

Faster reimbursements

Reimburse employees faster through Concur's automated workflows, improving morale and cash flow

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