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Advanced Analytics

Analytics meets the power of AI

Quickly and affordably solve challenging analytics problems with advanced analytics


  • Automatic data flow: EDI documents directly update relevant fields in your Cloud ERP system, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

  • Real-time visibility: Track inventory levels, order status, and payments in real time, making informed business decisions on the fly.

  • Improved supply chain management: Enhance collaboration with suppliers and vendors, leading to optimized inventory management and faster delivery times.

Our Advanced Analytics Integration Partners

Explore UBIX and SAP Analytics Cloud advanced analytics integrations.

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UBIX Analytics Platform

What if you could apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to that data without an advanced degree? See how UBIX and Navigator do just that. 

Empower your organization with a unique problem-solving capability that makes data science and AI abundant, reliable, and cost-effective Ubix is an advanced analytics and data science platform designed to help business users and domain experts such as business analysts, financial analysts, demand planners, inventory analysts and production planners solve analytic challenges that were never possible before - fast, reliably, and affordably.

UBIX enables you to leverage your existing SAP ERP and IT infrastructure, combine internal transactional data with external data (e.g. weather, consumer price indices, health records data, Bloomberg data, Dun &; Bradstreet Data, etc) to create new business insights that drive intelligent action.

With UBIX, you can quickly and affordably solve challenging analytics problems that are not possible without data science, such as in the areas of customer analytics, financial analytics, HR analytics, demand forecasting, procurement, and more. UBIX platform is a no-code Advanced Analytics platform that allows a user-friendly way of empowering business people to solve their most complex problems without the need for a data science team.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete solution for analytics and planning that is designed to unlock the full potential of all your investments in mission-critical business applications and most valuable data sources.

  • Live analytics at the point of decision and action
    Support decisions in the moment with embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI) without moving data from your SAP applications.
  • Industry-leading planning engine
    Run simulations, generate forecasts, and make decisions collaboratively with a complete solution for closed-loop analytics and planning.
  • Prebuilt content for your function and industry
    Increase productivity and accelerate outcomes with best practices and AI-infused analytics and BI tailored for your role.



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