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Client Success Story:

BackJoy Orthotics, LLC

A Life Sciences Company

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Relieving Pain Across the Globe with SAP Business ByDesign

BackJoy is improving their customers’ quality of life by helping them maintain a healthy back
and relieve pain. The BackJoy team envisions a world without back pain, where everyone can get more from life by taking control of their back health. A broad range of BackJoy products is designed to effortlessly give people back daily tune-ups in 40 different countries.

Download the Client Success Story

On the Right Track with SAP Business ByDesign

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Growing and transforming the company by digitizing the business, reaching more and better targeting customers
  • IT infrastructure did not have the required set of capabilities to support global business operations and further
    international expansion

Why SAP and Navigator

  • True cloud solution does not require the company to have a dedicated IT-team
  • Comprehensive, global ERP solution with end-to-end business process coverage
  • Seamless, inexpensive deployment leveraging remote resources
  • Implementation approach built into the solution itself
  • Pre-built integration capabilities via iConnect

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Headquarters and offices in different countries all work with the same solution
  • Live access to data across the globe, hereby enabling management to steer the business in real-time
  • Improved control over cost and headcount by being able to manage the business remotely
  • Availability of a solution ready to help to enter new markets and territories
  • Stronger focus on core competencies due to availability of best-practices processes built into the solution
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"With SAP Business ByDesign we have been able to run and grow the business with less people – simply by working with the same solution across the globe and by being able to manage the business remotely in real-time.”

Tre Vertuca, President & COO, BackJoy

Solution for the HQ & All Offices Globally
  • Improved margin by being able to grow with less headcount
  • International expansion with a solution supporting multi-country business operations

Industry: Life Sciences

Products and Services: Orthotics

Featured Solutions & Services: SAP Business ByDesign