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ERP Tips and Tricks

What do I do if my “main menu” disappears in SAP Business One?

This incident is a common occurrence in SAP Business One. If your Main Menus disappears, Simply go to the top of your screen, click on Window, then click on Main Menu, and your main menu will appear.

What is the difference between ERP and Accounting Software?

There are several sources online that will take you through the period/year end close for SAP Business One. SAP has released official documentation on this process. This also has a checklist found at the bottom of the document that can be helpful when going through the year-end closing process.  It can be found via:

What Steps/Guide can I folow to assist me in year-end close?

Accounting software deals with your typical accounting transactions (payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balances, billing, sales order, purchase order, general ledger, timesheet, expense, and electronic payment). ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management system that tracks all aspects of a business (tangible/intangible assets, materials, human resources, financial resources, etc). A way to look at ERP and Accounting software is ERP is the entire pizza, were accounting software is just a piece of the pie.

How to Set IT Contact as Administrator in SAP Business ByDesign?

  1. Go to Application and User Management Work Center.
  2. Go to the Business User View.
  3. Search for the Business User.
  4. Click on Edit button and select Access Rights.
  5. Go to view Work Center and View Assignment.
  6. Edit the line for Work Center Application and User Management.
  7. Mark the view Business Users and Incidents.
  8. Press Save
You will see that IT Contact will be marked as Administrator in the contact details view.

How to create a new Project Type?

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the project and the Open Activity List button.
  3. Select the Fine-Tune arrow.
  4. Find the Project Types activity and open it.
  5. Select the Add Row button and enter necessary data in the columns. Make sure the Code of new Project type must begin with Z.
  6. Select Save and Close button.

What is an SAP Business One License and how many do I need?

(What is a license?) SAP Business One is based on a named user licensing model, meaning that each license is granted to a specific user name. a “named user” is an employee of a customer, a subsidiary, or a third-party business, who is authorized access to the licensed SAP Business One software.

(How many do I need) this answer simply depends on the number of users you have for your business.  Business one ranges between 5-100 users and there are four License User Types for SAP Business One:

  1. Professional User= has access to all modules and functionality within the Business One Software. This user is typically the CEO, President, or Management.
  2. Limited CRM User= has access to all the major features of the Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and CRM modules. This user is usually involved with sales, marketing, and customer relations within the company
  3. Limited Logistics User= has full access to all Sales, Inventory, and Production Modules and limited access to the Purchase module. This user license is for employees involved in Procurement, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Management.

Limited Financial User= has access to all major Banking, Purchase and Financial functionality in Business One. Typical users include Controllers, Accountants, and Financial Analysts.

How do I open a closed accounting period for postings in SAP Business ByDesign?

You open and close accounting periods in the General Ledger work center, Sets of Books and Assigned Companies view.


To be able to open or close an accounting period, the corresponding fiscal year needs to exist.

Fiscal Years are created in the General Ledger work center, Sets of Books and Assigned Companies view. 

How To change the password for Technical User in SAP Business ByDesign?

  1. Go to Work Center Application and User Management.

  2. Click on view Communication Arrangements.

  3. Select E-commerce integration.

  4. Click on button Edit Credentials.

  5. Set the new password.

How to find Incident in Business ByDesign system?

  1. Login to Business ByDesign
  2. Go to Application User and Management work center
  3. Select Incidents view
  4. Select Incident ID OR In Show Select All Incidents