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Navigator provides end-to-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions for Life Science, Manufacturing, and Distribution companies

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Solutions for Life Sciences

Prepare for growth with solutions that scale with you, stay compliant with built-in approvals & process flows, electronic signatures, built-in GMP, and improve quality control with pre-designed quality levels.


Solutions for Manufacturing 

Keep up with rapidly changing distribution models, dynamic product life cycles, increasingly complex supply chains, and integration requirements - all while gaining visibility & clarity over your entire operation.


Solutions for Distribution

B2B, B2C, and DTC organizations gain efficiency by connecting your entire supply chain to improve responsiveness for an enhanced customer experience while enabling employee mobility & collaboration through a digital work environment.



Explore our Cloud ERP Solutions

for small & mid-size businesses


Explore SAP Business ByDesign

A complete, cloud-built ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market businesses, and subsidiaries that want to scale without the complexity and unnecessary cost.

Explore SAP Business One

An affordable, easy-to-use enterprise resource planning system (ERP) specifically designed for small to mid-market businesses by SAP. Gain a 360-degree view of your business.

SAP Business ByDesign vs. SAP Business One

Navigator Business Solutions offers two SAP ERP Solutions that deliver integrated business solutions for Life Science, Manufacturing, and Distribution industries. We created this document to help you narrow down which solution might fit your operation best. 
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Client Success Story

“Today we're almost 100 percent B2B, and we want to expand into the B2C realm. We've got a great website that allows our B2B customers to place their orders online, and we think that it would work for B2C as well. That's something that SAP is allowing us to do easier.”

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Countrywide Tires

Client Success Story

“We didn’t want to step into a new ERP or accounting system every five years. . . That’s not sustainable. We wanted a platform we could see ourselves using for the rest of our time as a company, one that satisfies all of our needs now, but also could satisfy all our needs in the future.”

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Client Success Story

“I had the CFO, the COO, the CEO, and the EVP of Customer Relations and Sales. . . All four sat in on the meeting and were impressed with the Navigator team and the product. They told me I had picked the right company and we should go forward with it.”

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TriRx Pharmaceuticals Services

Client Success Story

“Navigator was very knowledgeable coming in. . . Not just the products, but the business side of it. They seemed to just understand. So when there were additional things that we were trying to do, they had business process expertise to help make it happen.”

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Client Success Story

“The objective was to have something that was fairly lightweight and did not require a lot of customization. Something nimble from an IT perspective that did not require a lot of people or overhead.”

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