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4 Ways to Keep Your Project from Going off the Rails

Small to midsize companies have several things to worry about to ensure business runs smoothly, and it can be difficult to prioritize and manage concerns. At the end of the day, whether you can consistently deliver projects within agreed upon parameters is of utmost importance. Across all industries, time and budget are often clients’ key measurements of a successful project. With around one third projects successfully completed on time and on budget during a given year, it’s no surprise that capturing project resources and cost is one of the biggest challenges for service companies. Here are 4 ways to make sure you’re getting your projects completed on schedule and on budget: Set attainable expectations and project scope You must first look to a project’s beginning to set the foundation for a favorable outcome. You don’t want to start off a project playing catch-up by promising a client something you can’t deliver. If the client has a desired timeline and budget, can you reasonably meet their needs? Think about how many and what types of resources you will need, for how long, and whether existing resources have the bandwidth or if you will need to staff for the project. Are there any hidden project costs, such as training, permitting or travel? Upfront planning and forecasting will help you set project timelines and budgets that are feasible for you to follow. Implement scalable project management practices and capabilities Since 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, your organization most likely falls into the same mindset. But perhaps you haven’t known where or how to start. Project management processes fall into 5 groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing
Project management isn’t just essential for you to keep projects on track, but it’s also beneficial to your business overall. As your company grows, managing projects and resources will become more complex, placing further importance on solid project management processes and systems. Maintain communication and visibility across all stages of the project Life isn’t perfect, and neither is every project. Your projects may hit snags along the road, but communication is key to steer them back in the right direction. You need to have collaborative processes in place across your distributed workforce and with your clients. Enabling a universal way for project managers to document changes in scope, timeline and budget will streamline efforts. Providing stakeholders regular progress reports with insight into project performance, cost direction, and resource handling can help mitigate any issues before they get unwieldly. Review previous projects and learn from them What you’ve done before will help you now. If you’ve failed to deliver a project on time and on budget, see where things went wrong. Conversely, create a success model from a project that you completed within timeline and financial expectations. Keeping accurate, detailed, and readily-accessible project records will provide you the insight you need as to what may or may not have worked, and help you determine best practices as you plan your next projects. If you’d like to learn more about how to stay on track by delivering on-time and on-budget projects, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Why Some Companies Are Afraid to Adapt

Business people hide from changeThe foundation of the marketplace in the 21st century has inevitably shifted. The emergence of the digital revolutions has changed the way that many companies do businesses. However, many businesses have struggled to carry out meaningful advances to move their business model into one that is more practical for digital solutions. The threat of digital obstacles forms the crux of nightmares for many CEOs. Not only does a business model that doesn’t involve a digital strategy suffer from the existential threat of a digital upstart completely eradicating their industry (see: Uber), but it runs the risk of having their profit margins slowly dissolve over time. Here are some reasons why businesses are terrified to fall behind in the digital world...  

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Press Release: Navigator Announces Sponsorship of ASUG SAP Business One Conference 2016

asug SALT LAKE CITY, Utah  September 26, 2016 – Navigator Business Solutions, the premier value added reseller of cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, announced it is a sponsor of the ASUG SAP Business One Conference (b1.asug.com) for 2016. The conference is being held September 26-28, 2016 at the Hilton Miami Downtown in Miami, Florida. “Our sponsorship of the conference attests to Navigator’s commitment and belief in the value of ASUG” said Eric Dahl, VP of Marketing at Navigator. “We are always excited to be a part of an experience with significance such as this.” ASUG SAP Business One Conference is a one-of-a-kind annual event for small to midsize businesses and SAP ERP customers using SAP Business One. It is an event where the North American SAP Business One community hears from SAP Business One experts and fellow SAP Business One users.  It includes state-of-the-art solutions by partners, hands-on workshops, and trainings of how to leverage SAP Business One software to transform businesses and drive better results. Additional Information:

About Navigator Business Solutions Navigator is the premier Cloud value added reseller and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP Business One and ByDesign software platforms, services and proprietary add-on software. Navigator’s cloud first, agile methodology has enabled effective implementations for over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, professional and commercial service providers, retailers, and industrial focused companies worldwide. For more information, visit: www.nbs-us.com   Media Contact: Sarah Chairez, Marketing Coordinator Navigator Business Solutions www.nbs-us.com 801-642-0123 sarah.chairez@nbs-us.com   To read the initial press release, click here .

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Press Release: Navigator Announces Sponsorship of DeviceFest 2016

DeviceFest2016SALT LAKE CITY, Utah  August 17, 2016 – Navigator Business Solutions, the premier value added reseller of cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, today announced it will be a sponsor of BioCom’s DeviceFest 2016 conference (http://www.biocomdevicefest.org). The conference will be held August 30, 2016 at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California. “This year’s DeviceFest will provide a great opportunity to expand our reach into a key Navigator vertical” said Eric Dahl, VP of Marketing at Navigator. “We are excited at the opportunity to demonstrate Navigator’s proven solutions to the respected medical device executives who will be in attendance, and look forward to creating additional long-term partnerships within the life science industry.” DeviceFest 2016 is a device & diagnostic conference which outlines the latest important developments that focus on reimbursement, regulatory, financing, and strategic partnerships within the medical device community.  The conference will include a blend of keynote presentations, panel discussions and stand-alone presentations. Additional Information:

About Navigator Business Solutions Navigator is the premier Cloud value added reseller and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP Business One and ByDesign software platforms, services and proprietary add-on software. Navigator’s cloud first, agile methodology has enabled effective implementations for over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, professional and commercial service providers, retailers, and industrial focused companies worldwide.   Media Contact: Sarah Chairez, Marketing Coordinator Navigator Business Solutions 801-642-0123 marketing@nbs-us.com

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Why do ERP projects fail?

fail00Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects are perhaps the most intrusive project that a company will ever undergo. Almost everyone in the organization is affected in one way or another, from having to learn new computer skills, developing new report writing skills, re-engineering internal business processes, or the possibility of having to assume new roles. Frankly, people do not like change, and within every ERP project, there will be at least one person that doesn’t want the project to be successful. They like the way they work today, and they do not see the need for change. Technically, this is a management issue; because the company would not undergo such a disruptive project unless they had clear goals of how new software could help their company improve. And those improvements can be measured in efficiency which results in greater profitability. Management must communicate “why” they are undertaking a project to get all employees on board. It is about survival, growth, and taking the business to the next level. According to the Standish Group in The Chaos Report, a study of over 50,000 technology projects showed the technology industry has a poor track record of delivering ERP projects on time and on budget. The year of 2015 was the best over the past 20 years, with just 29% of projects being classified as successful. A full 19% failed, while the other 52% were classified as “Challenged”. What does this mean? A large percentage of projects go well over budget, well over timeline, and simply are poorly managed. It can often be traced back to a “selling model”, where technology vendors low-ball actual costs to win business, knowing that once a company is committed to a platform, returning with change orders to complete the work is the main alternative to halting the project. The reality is that most software packages in the market today do what they claim they do. It’s usually about project management. So how do companies avoid being one of the 71% of companies that fail or are challenged? Vetting the software partner is the first order of business. How many total implementations have they performed? How long have they been supporting the platform you are considering? The software partner’s experience is the most important decision point in every technology decision-always more important than cost of the software or ease of use. But there are even more important considerations. Complexity of ERP projects ranks high in contributing to challenged and failed projects. ERP is inherently complex. But why do companies attempt to eat the entire elephant in one bite? It makes much more sense to separate the “have to have” functional tools vs. the “nice to have” tools and eat the elephant in smaller bites. Remember, software vendors get paid by time and expense and want you to buy into the full complex project. So the longer they can be on site, the higher your cost, resulting in more change orders. Companies need to better define what they “have to have” on go-live to be successful, and then deploy “nice to have” tools in the future with smaller projects. Lastly, companies need to take a look at their business processes today and reconsider if they are using best-practice business processes. Challenge your software vendor to implement best practices for your business. If they know your business, which should be a main requirement for their selection, they should be able to recommend what companies like yours do for better efficiencies. And if they provide those recommendations, find out if they can they also offer them under a Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope model. In the end, your project should be less-cost, due to a canned process, and less risk, since you would be keeping complexity down.  Let’s face it; companies like yours don’t make money implementing software, so choose a company that understands that. Keep it simple.  Keep it low cost.  Be informed. Be one of the 29% of companies that are classified as “Successful”. Have questions?  With 500+ ERP implementations, and the distinction of being named SAP’s #1 Cloud Partner, Navigator prides itself on being Fixed Price, Fixed Scope, On Time, and On Budget.  To find out more, click here.

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Navigator measures past, targets future at July All Hands conference

Pic Jointer All HandsNavigator Business Solutions concluded its most recent semi-annual All Hands conference last week in Provo, Utah.  Held at the Provo Utah Marriott Hotel from July 14-16, the event brought together the entire Navigator team from 27 offices throughout the country.  Continued growth, and emphasis on achieving aggressive company goals dominated the event’s dialogues as Navigator seeks to further strengthen its status as SAP’s top cloud ERP reseller. Company bookings, new client demographics, sale orders by industry, and various revenue figures were among the topics presented in the initial general session led by Navigator’s CEO, Grant Fraser.   Following Mr. Fraser’s report, the company’s executives spoke briefly regarding the performance of their respective departments during the first half of 2016.  Over the following days, the company would split into groups to discuss and train within relevant break-out sessions led by Navigator’s executive and management teams. Additional highlights of the conference included a spotlight on noteworthy employees during Navigator’s Employee Value Reward Program on Thursday morning.  Six employees were recognized as best reflecting one of Navigator’s six respective values: Leadership, Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Passion, and Respect.  Each recognized employee was presented with a gift card worth $500.  On Friday afternoon, the team enjoyed a float down the scenic Provo River on guided river rafts.  In addition, company meals were provided throughout the conference. During the concluding Saturday session of All Hands, Mr. Fraser stressed the importance of constantly improving as an entire organization.  He noted that “Navigator is a good company and does a lot of things well, but over the next five years the challenge is to evolve from good to great”.  In accordance with his challenge, he presented guiding principles which will allow the company to reach the goals that have been set. Navigator will reconvene in September this year for a Virtual All Hands, and plan to be back in Provo for the next full All Hands in January of 2017.

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Navigator Business Solutions – Sending your business the right direction

Navigator is your trusted technology partner, exclusively providing you with software solutions that enable profitable, scalable growth through real-time control and aligning all of your departments into one integrated system.  

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Navigator Concludes Successful Week at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW & ByDesign Conference

This past wSapphireNowByDeek Navigator had a busy yet significant week attending multiple events in conjunction with SAP's annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference held in Orlando, Florida. On Monday, May 16th, Navigator co-sponsored SAP's Business ByDesign annual conference held at the Loews Royal Pacific resort, also in Orlando.  At the event, Grant Fraser, Navigator's CEO, spoke at a partner round table with leaders from other high profile partners of SAP.  Later Navigator's VP of Value Engineering, Richard Haugen, lectured on Building an ERP Foundation within a Digital Economy.  Within the presentation Mr. Haugen focused on how technology is changing within this connected world, but how the ByDesign platform is geared to benefit enterprises in nearly every capacity both currently and beyond.  In addition to the involvement listed above, Navigator also hosted a booth at the conference. A special reception for Navigator clients only was scheduled thereafter in a reserved meeting room.  At this exclusive reception Navigator clients mingled with one another before an intimate Q&A session with SAP ByDesign executives Rainer Zinow, Michael Schmidtt, and Pradeep Nair.  Finally, in perhaps what was the highlight of the reception, Navigator presented a gift to a lucky customer in a drawing.  The gift was a NexStar Evolution telescope, manufactured by Navigator partner, Celestron, and valued at over $2,000.  The winner of the award was Staci Burke from HB Communications. Following the successful ByDesign conference, Navigator leadership team shifted gears to attend SAP's renown SAPPHIRE NOW conference held May 17-19th at the Orange County Convention Center.  SAPPHIRE NOW, which is billed as the largest technology event, attracts tens of thousands professionals each year from around the world.  In addition to listening to the keynote address by SAP CEO Bill McDermott, taking in the sites, and networking with other industry experts, Navigator again made an influence by presenting at the event.  This time Navigator's Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Geoff Ashley, addressed the crowd on Expanding Capabilities by Extending Solutions into Microverticals. It was a significant week which enabled the team to connect and focus on future goals in an exciting environment.  Navigator will be announcing plans for subsequent customer events within the near future as plans are currently being made.

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Navigator Team celebrates 2016 President’s Club in Cancun

Thi16presclub2s past month a team of Navigator employees celebrated individual and collective successes in 2015 by being invited to President's Club.  This year the retreat was held in beautiful Cancun Mexico.  Navigator President's Club is an honor given to employees who work tirelessly towards meeting or exceeding their respective employee annual goals, and who also embody Navigator's Vision, Mission, and Values. At Navigator's annual All-Hands meeting in January of 2016, winners were announced by Grant Fraser, CEO, and informed that they and a significant other were invited to attend the all inclusive get-away. While in Cancun, employees enjoyed a myriad of activities in a terrific setting.  "It was an incredible time", remarked Brian Hedrick, Account Manager of Navigator's western accounts "the atmosphere was amazing, and the company was perfect." Plans are already being made for 2017 President's Club, to be held between April 17-24th of the coming year at a location to-be-determined.   Mr. Fraser has commented "We are looking at venues where we may go, but based on previous destinations, we can guarantee a great place, a great time, and most importantly, a happy 'significant other.'" 16presclub116presclub316presclub4

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Navigator Sales Teams Recharge During Q2 Summit

ThQ2 2016 Sales Summitis past week Navigator held it’s Q2 Sales Summit over 3 days at Navigator Headquarters in Pleasant Grove, UT.  The entire sales team joined for the summit where a wealth of information and best practices were presented in addition to new tactics and strategy to further secure Navigator as a globally recognized, top VAR (value added reseller) of ERP software.   Dozens of presentations were given by the Navigator leadership team over the three day event.  Among them Grant Fraser, CEO of Navigator, discussed best practices and building upon a foundation of growth.  David Snyder, VP of Services, took time presenting on strategic dependencies.  Richard Haugen, VP of Value Engineering, introduced vertical specific information within targeted industries.  Curtis Fry, CTO, addressed integration and IP elements.  And Eric Dahl, VP of Marketing, presented branding updates and pipeline expansion initiatives.   However, the majority of the summit was led by Navigator’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Ashley.   It was Mr. Ashley’s vision to hold the summit as a way to celebrate Navigator’s largely successful Q1 campaign, while shifting focus to continued growth and revenue capture for the remainder of 2016.  Other topics addressed by Mr. Ashley included creating trusted relationships, shortening the sales cycle, defining the dynamic working relationships of the sales teams, and generally expanding Navigator’s reach to new levels.   Overall, the event strengthened uniformity and cohesiveness within the sales teams while enabling future successes through fresh strategy and goal setting.  The team will again meet during Navigator’s semi-annual All Hands Meetings to be held in July 2016.

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