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Navigator Named One of Ten Fastest Growing SAP Companies

thesiliconreview-sap-logo-16-us(SALT LAKE CITY, UT)- Navigator Business Solutions announced today that it was named as a member of the 10 Fastest Growing SAP Companies for 2016 by The Silicon Review magazine.  Published in the April issue of The Silicon Review, the annual list recognizes top growing companies affiliated with SAP’s partner program. Chosen due to noteworthy year after year growth, Navigator already has an established tradition as a perennial award-winning SAP Gold partner.  With renewed focus in vertical markets, Navigator appears poised to continue their practice as an industry leader while further expanding their reach. Over the past several years, Navigator’s progressive focus on cloud-based technology within the ERP space has separated them from many other SAP partners.  This focus on the cloud has enabled them to win significant business and create a successful track record of on-time and on-budget implementations within both SAP’s Business One and ByDesign platforms. “This is a terrific recognition for Navigator”, stated Eric Dahl, Navigator’s Vice President of Marketing.  “As we continue to work carefully towards our aggressive company goals, we believe Navigator will be an expanding force for years to come.” The Silicon Review is the world’s most trusted online and print community for business & technology professionals. Their community members include thought-provoking CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT VPs and managers, along with countless IT professionals.   About Navigator Business Solutions Navigator Business Solutions is the premier Cloud value added reseller and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP Business One and ByDesign software platforms, services and proprietary add-on software. Navigator's cloud first, agile methodology has enabled effective implementations for over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, professional and commercial service providers, retailers, and industrial focused companies worldwide. www.nbs-us.com

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Navigator Sales Teams Recharge During Q2 Summit

ThQ2 2016 Sales Summitis past week Navigator held it’s Q2 Sales Summit over 3 days at Navigator Headquarters in Pleasant Grove, UT.  The entire sales team joined for the summit where a wealth of information and best practices were presented in addition to new tactics and strategy to further secure Navigator as a globally recognized, top VAR (value added reseller) of ERP software.   Dozens of presentations were given by the Navigator leadership team over the three day event.  Among them Grant Fraser, CEO of Navigator, discussed best practices and building upon a foundation of growth.  David Snyder, VP of Services, took time presenting on strategic dependencies.  Richard Haugen, VP of Value Engineering, introduced vertical specific information within targeted industries.  Curtis Fry, CTO, addressed integration and IP elements.  And Eric Dahl, VP of Marketing, presented branding updates and pipeline expansion initiatives.   However, the majority of the summit was led by Navigator’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Ashley.   It was Mr. Ashley’s vision to hold the summit as a way to celebrate Navigator’s largely successful Q1 campaign, while shifting focus to continued growth and revenue capture for the remainder of 2016.  Other topics addressed by Mr. Ashley included creating trusted relationships, shortening the sales cycle, defining the dynamic working relationships of the sales teams, and generally expanding Navigator’s reach to new levels.   Overall, the event strengthened uniformity and cohesiveness within the sales teams while enabling future successes through fresh strategy and goal setting.  The team will again meet during Navigator’s semi-annual All Hands Meetings to be held in July 2016.

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Press Release: House of Forgings Selects Navigator Business Solutions to Implement SAP ByDesign

HOF logo(Salt Lake City, UT) — Navigator Business Solutions has announced that House of Forgings, a diversified ornamental iron and wood stair parts distributor, has selected  Navigator Business Solutions to shift its company procedures and operations onto a single streamlined software platform; SAP ByDesign. House of Forgings was formed in 2001, and has grown steadily throughout its tenure.  New ownership assumed control of the company in 2010, and since that time House of Forgings has distinguished itself as a progressive company with a drive for innovation, technology, and overall forward thinking within the metal and wood stair space.  House of Forgings operates three corporate locations within the state of Texas (Grand Prairie, Austin, and Houston) and has a staff totaling 85 employees. Due to its continued growth and success, House of Forgings chose SAP ByDesign, a unified enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, to automate their operational processes, streamline workflow, and manage inventory across the entire organization. This process involved identifying and picking the proper platform (several solutions were considered) through an experienced partner specialist.  This partner would also need to properly implement the software to the unique standards and needs of the company. “We found Navigator’s presentation and informative sales process to answer all of our questions clearly, and in depth” said Jeremy Hair, CFO at House of Forgings.  “The improved efficiency, which will now allow House of Forgings to operate a singular management solution, was a major element in helping us make our decision to employ SAP ByDesign.”   Hair continued “For all intents and purposes, SAP seemed to be a great fit, and we are excited to prove its celebrated capability.” It is anticipated that once installation is complete, House of Forgings will significantly streamline operational efficiencies which will allow them to spend greater time and focus within digital marketing efforts, a main component of their business plan. “We are thrilled to provide House of Forgings with a total software solution that will meet their needs universally” remarked Geoff Ashley, Navigator Business Solutions Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “We also look forward to referencing House of Forgings as yet another Navigator success story as they are now better equipped to capture their true potential moving ahead.” About Navigator Business Solutions Navigator Business Solutions is the premier Cloud value added reseller and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP Business One and ByDesign software platforms, services and proprietary add-on software. Navigator’s cloud first, agile methodology has enabled effective implementations for over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, professional and commercial service providers, retailers, and industrial focused companies worldwide. www.nbs-us.com About House of Forgings House of Forging has over 120 years of collective stair experience in the distribution of metal and wood stair components.  A continuously growing business, House of Forgings understands what is required to properly serve their customers through working vendor relationships, current remodeling trends, new products & finishes, and online & printed marketing literature, to name a few.   House of Forgings’ abundant stock makes them the largest independent manufacturer and importer of ornamental wrought iron stair parts in the country.  As they grow, their plan is to open up additional distribution facilities across the United States to provide faster delivery and superior service. www.houseofforgings.net   The original PR can be found here.   Contacts Navigator Business Solutions Eric Dahl, 801-642-0123 Vice President, Marketing marketing@nbs-us.com

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Press Release: Alerion Capital Group invests in Navigator

alerion_capital_groupAlerion Capital Group announced today it made a major investment in Navigator Business Solutions (“Navigator”), an award winning value added reseller of cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year every year since 2009. Navigator is a progressive, well-respected full service software partner, offering its clients a suite of fully integrated solutions geared to small and medium sized businesses within the manufacturing, distribution, professional services, commercial services, and retail industries.  Navigator has over 20 locations in the USA and Canada, with customers and delivery capability spanning the globe.  Navigator has helped over 500 small to mid-sized companies achieve success, with agile and rapid implementations all delivered on-time and on-budget at an industry leading 95% success rate. “This is a strategic milestone for our company, our employees and our customers.  The investment by Alerion will help us advance and accelerate our highly regarded cloud first methodology to a broader reach.  I look forward to continuing to guide Navigator to the next level with our mission to provide an outstanding experience for our customer and our employees,” stated Navigator CEO Grant Fraser. Navigator Business Solutions Navigator is the premier Cloud value added reseller and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP Business One and ByDesign software platforms, services and proprietary add-on software. Navigator’s cloud first, agile methodology has enabled effective implementations for over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, professional and commercial service providers, retailers, and industrial focused companies worldwide. www.nbs-us.com Alerion Capital Group Alerion Capital Group is a private equity firm that invests in technology sector, middle market companies aligned with the group’s extensive management experience at leading technology firms. The Power of Capital and the Insight of Experience© enable us to advise and help companies expand their potential. www.alerion.com

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Is ERP in the cloud secure?

Cloud Security NBSAs more and more companies make the switch to cloud-based ERP platforms, one of the ongoing concerns is the security of critical enterprise information.  It’s been a long standing misconception that this technology solution requires companies to somewhat loosen their control of important data.  While on-demand convenience elements of cloud-based platforms remain attractive, many businesses are focused on the perception of a weaker grasp on vital data.  But are those concerns well founded? In a day and age where viruses, data theft, and hackers are regular topics within business publications, making the jump to the cloud can be a very nerve-wracking proposition.  The thought alone of compromising intellectual property, customer information, employee records, sales figures, and other imperative financials, could keep any CEO up for days. The truth is that industry security standards are evolving rapidly and cloud-based ERP providers have invested millions of dollars to ensure information management processes are at top levels.  The good news is that the information is on lockdown 24/7 in an encrypted state.  Still, the responsibility rests heavily on the shoulders of IT security managers to evaluate the effectiveness of an ERP solution that meets their continuity requirements and level of expectation for security issues. Some security focused questions to ask a solution provider when considering the risk vs. reward of cloud-based ERP are as follows: -What types of encryption does the solution provider use? -What measures are in place during data transfers? -What process is in place to guarantee protection if there is a security breach? -What are the security specifics of the back-up data centers? One notable positive is the ability that cloud-based ERP provides in disaster recovery scenarios.  Such issues as fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes are heavily mitigated due to secure data back-ups and secured back up data centers.  This obviously would not be the case with on-premise solutions, with the associated on site hardware. In the end, the answer to the question at hand rests firmly upon the system that is utilized and the people who access it regularly.  Every business has unique needs, so taking appropriate time to determine the proper resolution is significant. To learn more about secure cloud-based ERP, please contact us.

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Navigator Quick Demo: Time Entry for Projects, SAP ByDesign

TimeEntryToday's quick demo from Navigator's Value Engineer Kent Blackhurst focuses on Time Entry for Projects within SAP's Business ByDesign. Some of the topics covered include Work Packages, Editing Time Sheets, and Approvals.  

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Cloud-Based ERP: The sharpest of tools

Navigator AxeAs Abraham Lincoln once famously stated: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.  It is the plight of all small to midsize business to determine how they will plan ahead and prepare for the operational hurdles that are sure to challenge them.  What is the sharpest tool available to ensure your business is operating efficiently? In this fast paced, high tech work environment to which we’ve become accustomed, a beneficial and fundamental component is found in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.  These all-in-one business management software tools enable respective departments to track data in real-time through one streamlined solution.  Within the last several years, cloud-based ERP business networks have further empowered employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to stay organized and efficient with no bulky or dated hardware to deal with. If you’ve outgrown your current accounting software, or are looking to transition into a more sensible cloud based system, let’s look at some of the ways your axe will be sharpened by upgrading to the connected technologies of ERP in the cloud. Agility:  With cloud-based ERP, employees can access data and make timely decisions wherever they might be.  This 24/7 access can be utilized at home, in remote locations, or on the go.  This freedom provides additional control and convenience to your enterprise. Flexibility:  CIO’s and executives within the information technology realm know that the ability to scale with the growth of their ever expanding data requirements, not to mention the organization as a whole, is an imperative.  The flexibility of a cloud based ERP is instantaneous, and can grow with your increasing data or business needs. Speed:   The need for speed is an adage that continues to be significant within this hyper-competitive digital age.  The capability to get products or services to market in a timely manner is a definite make-or-break element.  A cloud-based ERP will track transactions immediately and reliably. Cost:  As briefly referenced earlier, with no expensive and cumbersome hardware to maintain, the price of ERP has become more customer friendly as these services are paid for in a subscription model.  Overall, the total cost of ownership for a cloud-based solution can be 50-60% less over a 10 year period. As you can gather, there are multiple reasons to why sharpening your axe in the fashion of Cloud ERP makes sense. Have questions?  With 500+ ERP implementations, and the distinction of being named SAP’s #1 Cloud Partner of 2015, Navigator stands ready to place a sharp axe into your company’s hands.  More information can be found here.

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Energy Service Companies: Finally, the way to see the whole picture

Energy Services 1

Most energy service companies do not have proper visibility.  It’s all too commonplace not to know whether a job will be profitable until all the paperwork is complete. Navigator will help you eliminate the guess work.  Through our solutions, we can show you how to best manage your projects while enlightening you on exact profitability amounts. Whether your business is construction, services, equipment, or rentals, it is imperative to have absolute command over cost, time, and profit.  Navigator is your trusted source to help you manage these imperatives.  Our programs offer tailor made solutions which were created specifically for energy companies.  Let us help you bolster your capacity within Job Costing, Work Orders, Rentals, Third Party Billing, Unit Costing, Field Ticket Management, Dispatch, HRM & Certifications, and Labor Sheets, among others. At the core, Navigator’s offerings present an affordable way to manage your business from top to bottom.  Through our General Business Management Functionality, we can help you manage and streamline your financial operations by automating every accounting task.  Our Sales and Customer Management capability will help you to better track opportunities from first contact to close.  Inventory and Distribution will provide accurate information about shipments, inventory, and item location.  Finally, the Reporting and Administration functionality will allow you to efficiently gather data from multiple sources, ensuring accurate reports. Navigator stands ready to assist you in discovering what system will best fit the way you do business, while addressing your budget and time, your level of IT expertise, and the way your employees work.  For more information, click here.

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Navigator Customer Support Teams continue to shine

Navigator Customer Service Tickets DownIn keeping with Navigator’s goal of creating a stellar customer experience, and retaining all customers as “Customers for Life”, the customer support teams have showed their mettle in improving customer satisfaction in significant ways. As reported in Navigator’s semi-annual All Hands Meetings in January, the customer support teams resolved a total of 1,906 tickets in 2015.  Q4 in particular was an outstanding quarter for the team as 100% of all tickets were ultimately resolved while maintaining a customer satisfaction level of 93%.  Response time to customers open requests was also slashed on average by a staggering 72% during the year. Additionally, Navigator continued to prove their commitment to existing and future clients by bringing on new and exceptionally capable agents to the customer support teams in Q3 & Q4. Understanding the uniqueness of each respective customer continues to be at the forefront of the efforts of the Navigator customer support teams.  With dozens of new implementations expected during 2016, Navigator is ready to continue these impressive trends throughout 2016 and beyond.

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2016: How are you going to focus on your time?

2016 Focus AheadThe start of a new year tends to bring with it the temptation to reflect on the past year in order to determine what our focus, priorities and opportunities will be going forward.  As 2016 has started, let's focus on one very important resolution for any company that bills for time as well as other products or services. Resolve to finally take the steps necessary to convert from a “hard skills” focused company to a “soft skills” centric organization.  What, you might ask, does that mean?  Unless your organization is fighting off clients who are demanding unlimited billable time, you probably need to start recognizing that many of your current problems are the result of your continued reliance and focus on “traditional” skills and experiences, delivered in a “high touch” model by very expensive resources, with an almost absolute focus on nothing but billable time. Ask yourself this very important question: “Would you like one client with a 2,000 hour project, or 20 clients with 100 hour projects, or 200 clients with 10 hour projects?” The answer to this question is very telling. Very few project management or professional services companies have moved away from their reliance on billable time even as the marketplace has become less and less willing to invest in this legacy strategy.  Utilization and realization rates, and other traditional key performance indicators (KPI’s), have remained unchanged for more than four decades and it is time to reconsider what the prime motivators of priorities, activities, evaluation and compensation should be? The historical focus on billable time has not allowed for investments in more esoteric (and sometimes non-billable) skills such as:

  • Effective communications skills that are specific to the 21st Century business model. This could mean that your people need to start publishing white papers, participating in blogs, hosting webinars and other “social” events.  But of course this won’t or can’t happen unless they are encouraged and incented to take such action.
  • Communications must also become more “specific” to the prospect and client. Gone are the days where generic messages drive prospects to your organization.  Your communication needs to be relevant.  Direct mail is dead.  Phone calls are unproductive.  What new, unique and creative communications skills and techniques are you utilizing in 2016?
  • Effective communications by role (including 1099 consultants): Your clients are looking for an “experience”.  This experience will be made up of many different touch points.  Some of them are human-to-human.  Some of them will be systems-based.  Some will exist on your portal (or a vendor’s portal that you link to).  Some of the communications will be with back office resources such as accounting, warehouse and other areas that need to contribute to the overall communications experience.  Some of these resources are not used to dealing with clients or prospect and as such, might need some training.  ALL of these communication touch points have to be current, accurate and easy for the prospect or client to find and obtain.
  • Have you created the ability to deliver multiple experiences? Traditional professional services organizations are very adept at delivering a very specific experience tied to very specific methodologies which are designed to deliver statements of work which control a relationship built upon billable hours.  21st Century prospects and clients want a much different experience.  They want information (and on-line).  They want reviews (on-line).  They want to download trials, demos, whitepapers, and other information.  The experience they want and demand is very much a part of their background and experience.  These are GenX decision-makers.  They work, act and decide differently.  Can your organization keep up with them?
  • Which brings us to the next point… Can your organization deliver value 24x7?  Can your prospects and clients obtain valuable information on the device of their choosing?  Is it possible for your prospects and clients to place orders and obtain subscriptions, products, information or offers with no human interaction?  If you can’t deliver it, it will take your prospects or clients six seconds or less to find it somewhere else.  And what’s worse, any prospect or client that has a bad experience with your company will make that experience known to the world in about two minutes.  And that review will last – forever.  For better or for worse, this is the internet age we live in.
  • Are your expensive resources incented to package their domain experience into “self-service” modules? Do they have job descriptions that clearly define their responsibilities in this area?  When you evaluate your employees (IF you evaluate your employees), is packaging and keeping self-service resources current and accurate, a component?  You have thousands of hours’ worth of knowledge and experience sitting in file cabinets and hard drives.   You have decades of reports and other deliverables created for one client, but appropriate for dozens of additional clients.  You have millions of dollars of value lying untouched. 2016 needs to include a resolution to package your value.
Has your business model evolved to the point where it is costing you business? These are some tough questions in need of honest answers. And if you determine your business model might be holding you back, what can you do? There is so much involved in moving from a hard skills model to a soft skills focus.  But the good news is, most of the assets required are already in place.  It is the environment that needs an audit.  It is the model that needs to be re-thought.  It is the business plan that needs to be updated.  Most likely you will need new role descriptions, compensation and incentive plans.  But the people… they are ready to step up to the plate. Creating the environment and effectively communicating that environment to your company is the responsibility of the principal, owner or executive (POE).  There will not be any change in behavior unless you, as the POE, promote and reward it.  You are the role model.  You are the leader. Creating the environment and effectively communicating that environment to your company is also the opportunity before you.  While most humans instinctively resist change, this is almost always due to a lack of understanding.  If you can clearly communicate the “what’s in it for me” to your people, you can follow that up with the tools, systems, plans, and rewards that empower them to exceed all of your expectations. Finally, if you can create the environment, and effectively communicate that environment to your company, you can create a critical mass that cannot be denied.  Your people have amazing capabilities.  They can rise to any occasion.  Once they see the benefits to them, and the advantages for the organization, they can work passionately to deliver a stellar experience. Make 2016 your breakout year.

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